Mary Arden’s Farm

Mary Ardens farm

Last week we took a trip to Stratford upon Avon to visit Shakespeare Birthplace Trust properties. After enjoying the town properties we decided that it would be good for the boys to let off steam at Mary Arden’s farm. Whilst we only spent a couple of hours at the farm, you could easily spend a day with small with children.

There is a picnic area as well as cafe. When you visit, I would highly recommend you start by checking out the timings of the daily events. We were disappointed as we missed the Tudor dinner. Had we realised, we could have gone down to the farmhouse anytime between 1 and 1.30 and been able to try some Tudor delights. We did however, get there to watch them was up. The actors were great and interacted with the children, asking them how they washing up was done at home. Obviously my boys wouldn’t do it though as it was women’s work afterall!

Mary Ardens farm

We had a walk around the farm houses and pretty gardens. It gave you a great sense of what it would be like to live in Tudor times. Doorways were low, bedrooms crammed with beds. There was even a Dovecote.

The Dovecote

There is a small playgound which the boys enjoyed, as well as games of chess and quills and inkspots (aka snakes and ladders) dotted around the place.

quills and ink spots

Unfortunately, the weather was typically British and the rain set in. I was therefore concerned that the Birds of Prey show may get cancelled. As luck would have it (or due to the fact that it rains a lot) there is a barn which was the perfect setting a show inside from the rain. We got to see this little lady in action and were told loads of interesting facts.

barn owl


The farm is the perfect place to take young children. It has some history, some shows and some places for them to let off steam and look at the animals. All in all a lovely day out that I would recommend.

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Review of Mary Arden's Farm in Stratford Upon Avon




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  1. Really perfect for those who want a taste of Tudor farm life. Been here at Mary Arden’s Farm and we had a fantastic family day out.

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