Things To Do Before You Go To Disney World, Orlando


So you have booked your “holiday of a lifetime” to Disney World. Now you need to think of the other things you need to do to make sure it all goes smoothly.

  1. Make sure you have travel insurance. You need this from the moment of booking not from when you are out there.
  2. Get your ESTA’s. Apply for these early, so if there is a problem and you need a Visa, it can be easily sorted and not a last minute panic. Make sure that you go through the official site and aren’t paying over the odds. It should be $14 a person.
  3. Book Disney restaurants from 180 days. Whether you are staying onsite or not, Disney dining can be booked 180 days in advance. You will need to book early to get the best times and can do this through the My Disney Experience app.
  4. Book fast passes for your rides. You get three per day and if you are onsite you can book these at 60 days before you go. If you are offsite there will be less choice and you can do this from 30 days. You can use crowd calendars, to help you predict which parks will be quieter on certain days. Also look out for extra magic hours which will mean Disney guests can get in early.
  5. Get as many hints and tips as you can. It’s Orlando Time and Disney and Orlando For the Brits have been a wealth of knowledge for me.
  6. Sign up to restaurant newsletters before you go and they will send you offers and discounts
  7. Get the apps for the parks you are visiting. The Disney one will let you book your fast passes and the Universal one has all the queue times on.

Do you have any more good tips to add?

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