Disney Diary Day 9: Universal Studios And Islands Of Adventure

Hogwarts in Universal Orlando

As we had started Day 4 at Universal Studios, our plan for today was to start in Islands of Adventure. Specifically, to ride Spiderman before the queue hit an hour. Of course, our plan went to pot here when Spiderman was shut for technical reasons!

We therefore decided that we would head towards the Jurassic Park ride. This needed a locker, or at least that is what we thought. Then it turned out that you could take your bags on but it was up to you as they could get wet. If you can go with as little as possible to carry at Universal it is well worth it as lockers are tiny.

Jurassic Park was good and then we headed towards Hogwarts Castle to ride Forbidden Journey. Another family locker required for this ride and it was mayhem inside. I left it to my other half to work out and took the kids outside.

I absolutely loved this ride. I had been worried as many people say it makes them feel sick, but it is just a simulator ride. It is no worse than any of the others and I would just recommend having some sea sickness tablets if it worries you.

We then headed back to Spiderman and ate out sandwiches in the queue. It said it was 50 mins wait but turned out to be around 30 minutes.

Next up, it was time to get wet! We decided to go on Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls. The queue was long and it felt it too! After nearly an hour we finally got on and it was a great log flume ride. Who doesn’t love a good water ride?

As the park was getting busy we decided to head over to the studios via Hogwarts Express. Everytime I go on this, I see something new. It is so clever.

Middle man then got to tick off his “eat a corndog” off his bucket list. I got confused over the whole chips being crisps thing.

Next was Shrek which was OK. I was annoyed as a woman “stole” my seat meaning I had to watch it on the seats that didn’t move. The 3D effects were old as well.

We then thought we would end the day on middle mans favourite ride – The Simpsons.

As we left the parade had started. Parades aren’t really my boys thing, but at least you could see easily, unlike Disney!

Tomorrow we are off for a “rest” at Typhoon Lagoon and have booked a table at the Teppanyaki restaurant Kobe in Kissimmee.

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  1. I’m loving reading all your diary entries, especially as we are heading to Universal ourselves very shortly, it’s been years since we last went so it’s good to hear what’s new and what you have all enjoyed!

    1. How exciting. You might get to ride Hargrids! It was generally 3hrs wait in the summer as kept on breaking 🙁 I actually preferred Universal to Disney. Mainly as the rides were better and I couldn’t watch all the shows at Disney as boys aren’t interested in things like Beauty and the Beast! I got them watching the Nemo puppet show though!

  2. Such beautiful photos! This is completely and utterly spectacular!
    I would love to stay here when we visit islands. Thanks for sharing

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