How Much Does It Cost To Go To Disney World?


When planning a Disney World holiday, the cost is peoples number one question. There is no simple answer. What I can tell you is that if you ask on a Facebook site whether you have a good deal, the answer will always be no. People wont compare similar times of year. They wont compare family size. They wont compare accommodation or flights. The only way to tell is to price it up yourself.

When doing this, there are some things to consider which will ultimately impact the cost of your holiday one way or another.

  1. Which parks do you want to visit? Park tickets are a massive expense in an Orlando holiday, especially the Disney ones! Do you want to do theme parks every day of your holiday or take a more relaxed approach? Look at the ticket packages and choose the best for you.
  2. Do you want to stay onsite? If so then you could look at the Disney Dining plan which is a great way of eating in the parks and free at certain times. Things to think about are the space of the room that you are in. Personally, 5 of us together in a room for 2 weeks is not our idea of a holiday. Also if you have table service you will also need to pay tips, which can mount up. You would also need to look at booking a lot of your meals 180 days in advance.
  3. Do you want to stay offsite? If so a villa might be an option but would require you hiring a car. There are also parking charges to factor in – currently $25 a day at Disney parks.
  4. Do you want to fly direct? Flying indirect is one of the easiest ways to cut the cost at peak times. However, it means getting there and getting back will take you longer. Some people love this and save hundreds.
  5. Do you need a car? Many people chose not to drive in Florida. This will depend on your accommodation choice. If you are near enough, Uber and Lyft are good ways of getting around.
  6. Can you go when it is quieter? As a teacher, this is the biggest issue for our family. It really only leaves us with Easter (which is one of the busiest times) and August (where it is really hot and thunderstorms happen daily.)

Once you have considered all of these things then you will have an idea of what you want from the holiday and can start pricing it up. Many advocate a DIY approach which will take time to get the best prices. When we looked DIY and a travel agent were pretty much the same cost so we opted for the travel agent to get ATOL protection.

Do you have any other things to consider when booking a Disney World holiday?

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  1. How much does it cost to go to Disneyworld? First paragraph in….. Figure it out yourself! There aren’t any prices other than the carpark!? It would have been helpful to have had your experience on how much it cost for snacks each day, good value for money options, ANYTHING? Just a clickbaity title. You should rename the post to…. A couple of small things you should consider when going to Disney World.

    1. I can’t give you a price as it depends on so many factors. Park tickets to Disney and Universal – 3.5K An ice cream in Disney $5.5 each. Flights are all dependent on time of year etc and if you go direct. Generally in the summer holidays a family of would be looking at 8K upwards for a 2 week holiday, but it can be bought down or up with the info in the post.

  2. Rachel Craig says: Reply

    We do not NEED to visit Disney World. Some may want to. It seems from this blog that it is very important to do investigate / research factors relevant to yourself (Budget / Finances / Nessesities or Essentials such as Food, Refreshments, Travel) when considering such a holiday, etc.

    The important factor for probably the majority of people is that if they manage a holiday to Disney World it may be their one and only visit there. So Quality of visit / holiday can be paramount.

    The land of Opportunity has and still can be a term which is used to relate to America. Opportunity for whom? As seems that there are many, many Businesses awaititing access to people (from all over the world) visiting and parting with their hard (maybe well) earnt money. Globally we are all limited by finance, or so it seems ( yet there are Millionaires, Billionaires, Oligarchs, etc). So Value for Money seems to be what is important for those who have to consider finances / budget / where, when, how and what money is spent on.

    In order to live we need air, food, refreshments. So Essentials, then surely we need to prioritise. Seems for a visit we may need to consider some costs that we would maybe not have at home ( maybe parking, etc). We may also need to get back to Basics, or become Innovative / Creative / Inventive. As packed lunches are likely to be Cost Effective / less e expensive / cheaper than buying refreshments within the Theme Park /s.

    Quality of Life is Important for us All. Yet more Accessible to some than others.

    Hope people get to have a Good Quality of Life. Despite the InEqualities within the World / Society.

    Thanks for the blog. Children are our Future. They do not NEED to visit Disney World. So I hope no one gets themself into debt in order to attain something which may be desired, yet not Essential / necessary. As debt can be difficult to get out of, as well as Negatively impact on Quality of Life.

  3. You are so right! I do think that some feel a pressure to visit Disney. I can say that I had a fantastic childhood with no giant mouse in sight! Personally I think DLP is a much more accessible option and we have been lucky enough to make some fantastic memories there.

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