Our Family Travel Plans 2017

A rather belated Happy New Year! As you have probably noticed, I have taken a break over Christmas deciding that it is more important to be with my boys, than writing about our travels. We enjoyed a fantastic day trip to Lapland which I will be writing up soon. However, I really couldn’t fault the company we went with: Canterbury Travel, if you are looking into a trip I would highly recommend them.

reindeer pulled sleigh Lapland

I feel a slight fraud as a family travel blogger at the moment with our lack of plans for 2017. We are all set to move house in the near future and until that has all gone through and we have established that there are no expensive surprises, we are reluctant to book any big trips.

We are, however, really excited to be working with Eurocamp this year. We will be spending a week in Italy, just outside Venice. As a child we always went on holiday with Eurocamp so I have some rather fond memories that they need to live up to. I have never visited Venice, and I am hoping that the novelty of gondalas will keep the boys’ interest for a day there. Although I am sure that the waterslides and swimming pools at the parc will be a huge hit and they will really want to be there instead!a

Other than that, there is nothing set in stone. My sister bought us a Duck Tour for Christmas which I am sure the boys will enjoy alongside a trip to the London Eye. We had a fantastic short break at Alton Towers last year and would all like to return. The boys are particularly keen on trying out the water park Splash Landings.

Entrance to Alton Towers

What travel plans do you have this year? Do you have a big trip booked or some smaller days out?

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