Top Travel Destinations for Every Family to Visit

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Heading off on a family holiday in the coming months? If you’re a small clan who’re looking to get away and experience the vacation of a lifetime, there are plenty of amazing spots for you to visit. Today, let’s take a look at five of the best for a family.

1. Orlando USA

Home to some of the most family-friendly themed activities in the world, Orlando in Florida is without question a city worth checking out if you’re struggling to think of a location to take the whole family to this summer.

The crowning glory of the region comes in the form of the excessive levels of theme parks you’ll find on display there. Smart Destinations cover a few of the best; although there really are too many to name.


2. Treetop Adventure Park – Bali

Bali has become famed for the vast array of temples it possesses, but it’s a location far away from these places of religious worship which stand out as one of the top spots for families to visit.

The adventure park cleverly consists of both adult and child-sized obstacle courses, meaning all age ranges are provided with a satisfactory level of challenge. You can really let your inner adventurer loose when scaling the heights of this amazing woodland paradise.


3.Safari – South Africa

Who doesn’t love animals? Whether you’re 3 or 83, coming face-to-face with the majestic beasts of the wild is a fantastic way to spend your summer vacation. There are a host of places in Africa which can accommodate this, but arguably the best comes in the form of South Africa.

1cover highlight the advantages of SA, mentioning namely the amount of resorts they’ve built which are targeted specifically at kids. Come face-to-face with a zebra or lion (all behind the safety of a range rover, of course).


4. London – UK

London has been romanticised beyond all belief over the years – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t actually a wonderful place to visit. Families can find a particular enjoyment in the city which is arguably the most famous in the world.

There’s literally too much to mention in one blog when it comes to daytrip opportunities, so here’s a complete list from Time Out. No matter what your taste, you’ll find something the whole family can enjoy.


London Duck Tours


5. Majorca – Spain

While some locations in Spain (we’re looking at your Marbella and Ibiza) have become associated with young adults getting a little bit too merry, Majorca still stands out as a spot which everyone can enjoy.

From the Bellver Castle to the nationally renowned Palma Aquarium, you’ll find something which every member of your clan can fully immerse themselves in. As well as all that, the island is also strewn with beautiful golden sand.


Have these family-orientated holidays provided you with inspiration for your future plans? Bear them in mind ahead of your next trip – it could make a massive difference to your destination choice.

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