The Reality Of Travelling With Children

As you have probably guessed, my husband and I think that travelling with children is a good idea. So much can be learned from travelling and time spent together. It is not always easy. So today I thought I would share some of the lessons we have learned along the way.

Don’t be scared of medium and long haul flights.

When we tell people of our travels, one of the first questions they generally ask is how will the boys be on the flight. My answer is fine. TV non stop. Food and snacks bought to your seat. What’s there not to like? The flights themselves aren’t a problem. Jet lag can be. We found the hardest thing about our trip to Costa Rica was middle man needing to sleep the moment it got dark – which was about 6pm. As most restaurants didn’t open until 6.30 it was a challenge to keep him awake.

They wont appreciate the cost of travel.

Even a “cheap” holiday with children is expensive. A family of 5 has the added issue of often needing two rooms. You can take your children to the most exotic place in the world. They will most probably like it, but they won’t appreciate how lucky they are. Well maybe they will when they are bigger.

They aren’t excited about exotic locations.

Alongside the lines of the point above, they won’t get excited about exotic locations. They will want to go to the same places they hear their friends talking about. Lanzarote sounds more exciting to them than the Caribbean, because that is where Jack went last summer. Let’s face it both are great in different ways and variety is the spice of life.

They will need the toilet at the most inconvenient time.

No explanation needed. Kids don’t think ahead. And you can bet that it wont be a number one.

The room isn’t important, the pool is.

Kids aren’t interested in luxury. Infact a caravan is an adventure in itself! What is important is the swimming pool. How many slides and whether they can touch the bottom seem to be top of my boys lists.

Evening entertainment.

Holidays are for letting your hair down and enjoying a drink or two. With kids in tow things change a bit. You have 2 main options:

  1. You enjoy an all inclusive cocktail whilst your kids are slightly distracted by some guy dressed as a mascot clumsily walks around a stage.
  2. You give up and drink wine from a hotel tumbler whilst your kids watch Tom and Jerry in Spanish. Hey it’s a learning experience don’t knock it!

wine in a tumbler

So here are the lessons we have learned so far from travelling with our boys. Planning can take time, it can be chaotic and at times you wonder why you bother. Then out of the blue on a walk to school they will pipe up with “remember when….” and a smile comes to your face when you realise that showing them the world is something very special indeed.

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