Holiday Hair Care Tips For Bleached Blonde Hair

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My husband thinks I am slightly crazy worrying about my hair on holiday. He went bald at 16 and is past the point of where he can look into hair transplant cost. For him the most important thing is to wear a high factor sun cream and remember to take a hat.

I on the other hand have blonde highlights and very fair skin. Wearing a sunhat would be the easiest option for me when it comes to my scalp burning, however, I just don’t suit hats. Last year I tried on every single hat in Accessorise at Heathrow airport and not one looked good. I was therefore pleased when a friend recommended a scalp sunscreen.  At £4 a bottle, it comes it a small spray bottle which is easy to transport to the beach or swimming pool.

The other problem I have on holiday is the swimming pool. Bleached hair can pick up the chlorine in the water, turning it green! I have recently had a green tint to my hair (I am not sure of the cause) and if you are stuck in this situation, it is worth giving tomato ketchup a go! I know, ketchup in your hair is pretty disgusting, but the red in the ketchup is supposed to balance the green. I couldn’t decide if it worked for me as it was a very light tint but there are many people online that claim it does.

Obviously you don’t want to get to the ketchup stage if at all possible, so I thought I would share some tips with you that I have learned from reading up on the matter. I should probably point out here that I am no expert (I have just scoured the internet when I was in trouble) and that talking to your hairdresser is probably a good idea too.

  1. Tie your hair up. If you aren’t planning on swimming underwater, then tying your hair up so that it doesn’t get wet is a simple solution.
  2. Wet your hair before you get in a swimming pool. This somehow makes it less likely to absorb more chlorine.
  3. Wash your hair as soon as you are out of the pool. My hairdresser advised on looking for an anti chlorine shampoo and I found this sun and swim one that has been great. I have also seen that they have protection masques too.
  4. If you do notice a green tint and don’t have any of the anti chlorine shampoo then use shower gel. I believe this somehow strips the colour from the hair.

So don’t panic if you have bleached blonde hair and are going away. Just think about what you might need when you are away.

Do you have bleached hair yourself and have any tips?

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