Hate Flying? Go Long Haul

For someone that is always planning her next break, you would probably believe that I was a happy traveler. The problem is I am not. I get sea sick on boats and I am afraid of flying.

So if I am afraid of flying, why on earth am I telling you to go mid or long haul? I guess this won’t be the case for people that are terrified of flying but for me, long haul has its advantages over short haul.

You have more space.

One of the reasons I don’t like flying is that I am claustrophobic. I am much better dealing with flying through the air in a tin can, if I am more comfortable in my seat. Therefore long haul wins.

Sometimes you can see what the pilot sees.

On our flight to Dubai with Emirates, I was much happier as at the front of a cabin there was a cockpit camera. I could see what the pilot could and this made me happier that everything was fine.

Length of flight versus take off and landing

Anyone that has a fear of flying will have researched safety of flights. They will know that the most dangerous part of the flight is take off and landing. I generally panic for the first and last 30mins of a flight. If it’s a short haul 2hr flight then I am spending half of it worrying. If it’s a 13hr long haul then it’s a much lower percentage.


On long haul flights there are more distractions. You can spend your time catching up on the movies that you haven’t had time to see. You can eat a mediocre and salt laden meal. Have a glass of wine. All these things help to distract from.

All these things help with flying so if you are like me, you will find a 13 hour flight to Costa Rica much easier than a 4 hour trip to Lanzarote.

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