Should You Pay Extra To Sit Together On Easyjet?


Whilst I love going on holiday, I do not love being held ransom by an airline. When it came to our trip to Venice this year, we decided to book with Easyjet. This was mainly because my husband refuses to travel with Ryanair and Easyjet flies to Marco Polo airport which is less than an hours drive from Venice.

Whilst Easyjet is a budget airline, booking in half term meant that our flights were not at all cheap. So when it came to them asking for another £100 so that we could sit together as a family, I wasn’t at all keen. I mean what are the chances of them not sitting you together? Surely worst case they would sit us a three and a two? We thought we would be ok. We didn’t pay the extra charges.

When we printed off our boarding passes we were a little disappointed. Our outbound flight was ok but we were split into a 2 + 2 + 1 on the way back. OK that wasn’t the end of the world. Our nine year old could sit by himself and my husband and I could take a younger one each. Or at least that is what we thought!

No that was not the case. They had given us exit seats. Lovely for foot space, not so lovely if you want to sit next to your five year old.

Yes we had a flight without our children!

Whilst there were some advantages to this, there were disadvantages too. It was not straightforward and I was a bit miffed to be honest. As grown up as he is, our 5 year old really needed to be sat next to me or my husband.

Which leads me back to the question of should you pay to book your seats on Easyjet? I hate the concept. I didn’t. Thankfully it was only a 2 hour flight. If you have a very small child then maybe you should consider it. It appears there is no thought to the allocation of seats. They could see the ages of our children. Whilst they were near us, they were blocked in by another passenger. Going to the toilet was a nightmare. We coped, but I still think it was wrong. I guess at the end of the day it is your decision. But beware, they don’t care whether you are sitting with your young children or not. Even so, we would still book with them over Ryanair!

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  1. My husband refuses to pay extra for seats together, fortunately we’ve been okay so far but I do fret about it! Luckily at 8 and 6 ours could manage if they weren’t directly next to us, especially if we knew at check in so that we could prepare them for it (although it might be a different story if they didn’t find out until we were on the plane, I’m glad that you were able to cope!)
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