Tackling The Holiday Laundry With Ecover


I love going on holiday, however, there are two things I hate about it. Firstly is packing. Everytime we go away I say that I will pack light. Everytime just before leaving for the airport, we are weighing the bags wondering how we are so close to our limit.

The second part is the washing when we get back. It seems never ending. On a usual day I will put 1-2 loads into the washing machine. Having 3 boys means there is much more washing than I would like. Trying to get them to wear something twice is a nightmare. Little man will wear a jumper for 10 minutes and claim it is dirty. When it comes to middle mans room it is sometimes hard to tell what is clean and what is dirty. I like to think of him as a creative that has so many ideas going on in his head, it is hard for him to make the short journey to the washing basket. Instead a brilliant Lego creation lands in his brain and he is forced to drop all laundry on his floor, scatter Lego thoughout his room and get straight onto that Lego creation wearing nothing but his pants and socks.

When it comes to a laundry detergent I want it to do 3 things.
1. Clean well
2. Smell nice
3. Not bring middle man out in a rash


Ecover and laundry

Well I am pleased to say that Ecover did just this. My biggest fear with holiday washing is that any stains on the boys tops will have been left for a few days and may be harder to remove. I often take their older clothes away with us so that if this is the case I wont be worried if their tops get ruined.

So now all the holiday washing is done, it smells fantastic and it is the question of putting it all away. Will we sun again this year or should I just pack the boys shorts away ready for our next adventure?

Ecover’s new Non-Bio formula is now even tougher on stains, but just as kind on sensitive skin and is now Mumsnet rated* with 89% of Mumsnet raters saying they would recommend to a friend – making it the perfect partner for all the family, as well as the planet. You can find Ecover on Twitter at @EcoverUK, and on Instagram at @Ecover_UK.





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  1. Great to hear how you got on. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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