Packing Light For Our Trip To Venice

I can’t quite believe that we are in May already and our trip to Venice with Eurocamp is just around the corner. Packing for 5 is hard work at the best of times. Packing for 5 for a self catering stay, takes a bit more thought.

Luckily you can book some extras with Eurocamp which help make things that bit easier – especially if like us you are flying and not driving to your chosen parc. We have been given linen and beach towels as an extra which will certainly leave us with more luggage space. In addition, we have an essentials and welcome pack which means we don’t need to make a dash to the supermarket immediately. This has cleaning products and more importantly some tea and coffee.

So how do you pack light to go away? Luckily I learned a lot from our trip to Costa Rica last year. So here I will share some of my tips and a few luxuries that I am taking with me.

  1. Lightweight Jackets and zip off trousers. These are both things that we took to Costa Rica last year and were fantastic. I am hoping that Venice will be warm, however, a quick look at the forecast suggests there will be rain. Therfore the lightweight jackets are coming with us. Zip off trousers are great for two reasons. They can be trousers or shorts depending on the weather. Even more importantly they dry really quickly.
  2. Take a travel wash. Nine times out of ten I will pack to many clothes. However, if I pack one outfit per day, a couple of night time outfits and a travel wash, we should all have more than enough. If we don’t then we can wash some bits.
  3. Choose your shoes wisely and wear the heaviest ones! I would love to wear a different pair of shoes with each outfit but I don’t want to carry them! I will wear my comfy canvas shoes on the plane and pack a pair of flip flops that will be good for everyday use.
  4. Wear jeans and a jumper on your flight. Hopefully this will be the only time you need it, but if it does turn cold then you can use these.
  5. Pack a small DVD player and a couple of DVDs. Some for the kids and some for you! This means that you will have something to watch in the evening or when the parc has it’s quiet time after lunch. A pack of cards is great for all manner of games.
  6. Take entertainment for the kids that is small. I am thinking along the lines of a blow up beach ball, playing cards, loom bands (my boy is still into that phase) fidget spinners (they are all into the latest craze) and an activity book/magazine each.
  7. When it comes to beauty products choose wisely and don’t take everything. Usually I take a makeup set from Benefit that has everything I need in miniature. John Freida have sent me some of their luxurious volume products which is great. I have a swimming shampoo that I use after the pool, but this just makes my hair limp and horrible. The shampoo and hairspray help give my hair the lift that it needs. I find that my hair can sometimes go a bit wild abroad so the hairspray should give me volume whilst also controlling it! With such fair skin, a good sun cream is a necessity. I find P20, whilst costly, seems to work well and stops me breaking into prickly heat. I also have been told that mosquito spray is a must.John Freida shampoo
  8. Contacts and sunglasses. Whilst on holiday I like to wear my sunglasses so contact lenses are in order. Having been sent some BioTrue solution a few weeks ago, I will be packing that too. It really has helped me wear them for longer. Top tip here from Nicky at Curly and Candid: to put eye drops in, close your eyes and drop it into the corner. Open them and it falls in. Pure genius!
  9. Pack some decaf tea bags. OK this might be rather personal to me, but my husband and I like a decaf tea of an evening. Tea can be hard enough at the best of time to locate abroad, and decaf tea even harder so I will be packing enough bags to get us through the week.
  10. Don’t pack last minute. Easier said than done. But if you leave it until last minute you will just start throwing everything you own into a suitcase. Trust me I have watched my husband do it a lot! Lists and preparation are the key.
  11. Take booster seats as hand luggage. If you are hiring a car take your boosters with you or pay the steep prices that car hire companies charge.

So there are my tips for packing light with a few little luxuries. Obviously, shorts, t-shirts and swim clothes will be in there too. Now what have I forgotten? Have you got any good tips to share?

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  1. I think DVD is added to the list my mistake. Good notebook or tablet is much more useful in all cases. You can download movies to HDD or see them over the internet.

    1. True, but we have loads of DVDs and it’s easier for them to watch together

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