Outdoor Adventures And Turning Tears Into Smiles With Elastoplast


Outdoor adventures are important to us. Going out as a family, keeping healthy and trying to keep the boys off computer games. Whether it is a play in the garden, walk in the woods or a day at a theme park, I love that outdoor adventures keep the boys away from screens and out in the fresh air. They climb trees, catch crabs and paddle in the sea. Fun times and fond memories.


Of course the downside of not wrapping your kids in bubble wrap is that they will get the odd scrap and bruise.

I have vivid memories of being a child and my Mum cleaning up my scrapes. Being sat on the kitchen work top whilst she applied neat antiseptic to my knee. Oh the pain! Worse than the original injury! She was making sure there were no bugs that would do me damage. Now whilst I don’t recommend you do the same (please read the dilution guidelines on the back of the bottle!) I can tell you how I turn tears into smiles:

Step 1: Administer a hug.

Step 2: Ask to see the problem. Note: you have to be braver than your child here. Brace yourself. Try not to look shocked that your beautiful baby has scrapped half their knee off. Most of all don’t panic. Usually at first glance it looks worse than it is.

Step 3: Give another hug and a kiss. This will help calm you down as well as your child.

Step 4: Tell your little soldier that they need to be brave while you clean the cut. Note don’t make the mistake my Mum did and use neat antiseptic as your child will never trust you again if you say “it wont hurt!”

Step 4: Let them choose their favourite character on their plaster. Not only does it help you get better if you have Darth Vader on the wound covering, it looks pretty cool too.


Step 5: One last hug and kiss, because let’s face it, a parents love is the biggest healer of small injuries on their little ones

Step 6: Tell them to go back outside. That game of football in the back garden will quickly take their mind off what has happened.


If you are off on your holidays soon, don’t forget to pack a little first aid kit to take with you so you can easily turn those tears into smiles whilst you are away from home.

This post is an entry for the BritMums #TearsintoSmiles Challenge, sponsored by Elastoplast  I received some plasters and a garden game to take part.

2 Replies to “Outdoor Adventures And Turning Tears Into Smiles With Elastoplast”

  1. I think I would like you to look after me if I got injured. I well remember the shock of antiseptic when I was a child. Thanks for taking part and I am commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums.

  2. Would you like an Olaf or Yoda plaster Kate? 😀

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