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Holiday Gems have challenged bloggers to share their favourite holiday photograph. Yes that is singular! Honestly I think I would find it easier choosing my favourite child. To be honest it would probably be little man as he is the only one of the three that has gone to bed on time and I the other two are pushing their luck with their excuses as to why they can’t sleep!

When it comes to travel I have had the pleasure of seeing many things. From the golden sands of Antigua, slow moving sloths in Costa Rica, the hustle and bustle of Times Square and the twilight of Lapland. Narrowing it down to just one photo is hard. I may have also got distracted by checking out the Holiday Gems destinations page and dreaming about further adventures! Procrastination is my middle name!

So how on earth do you decide what your favourite photo is? I decided I would start by narrowing it down to my top 5 holiday destinations and go from there. My that is hard too! So what are my top 5 destinations?

  1. Antigua. For a relaxing Caribbean holiday with watersports galore this hits the spot. It is also where my husband proposed.
  2. Disneyland Paris. Actually I love Paris in general but we have had some amazing holidays there with the boys. Who can’t look back on a photo of a large costumed Mouse trying to settle their teething baby and smile?
  3. Singapore. This is somewhere were I would love to go back to. We visited on honeymoon on our way to Australia and although I was extremely jet lagged there was something that was special about the place. I may have nodded off on the night safari, but I managed to make times for a Singapore Sling in Raffles
  4. Costa Rica. Volcanoes, sloths, poision dart frogs, cloud forests. An amazing country with so much to do.
  5. Venice. Romantic and beautiful. Being taken around Venice in a gondola listening to the gondolier in front of us sing, was a highlight from this years travels.

Special apologies going out to the koalas, wombats and great barrier reef of Australia, Father Christmas in Lapland and the camels in Dubai. You were all very close.

So now my decision relies totally on whether the photo should include people, scenery or animals.

For Antigua it would be a photo of us playing chess after our engagement.

For Disneyland Paris, little man smiling from ear to ear at the arrival of Minnie Mouse.

Singapore would be a much younger me drinking a Singapore Sling whilst eating monkey nuts.

Costa Rica would be a close call between a friendly sloth and a family photo of us infront of Arenal volcano.

Venice would be a picture of the gondolas.

So drum roll. It may not be the best photograph in the world. The light and focus isn’t great. But I am a Mum to three boys and I love them to bits. Photographs spark memories and that is more important to me. So for great big smile on little mans face, I am going for this.

Holiday photo from Disneyland Paris


What photo would you choose from your favourite holiday?


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  1. That’s a gorgeous photo, I love their faces! I would find it really difficult to choose a favourite holiday photo, I do have a lovely one of the children taken on a beach on one of our cruise stops, like yours it’s not so much about the photo itself but the memories that it brings back of a perfect afternoon.
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  2. Choosing just one photo is such a tough call. Then there’s the old is it my favourite photo as opposed to is it my best image issue. I like the one you selected.

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