Alton Towers: Something For Everyone?

Entrance to Alton Towers

At the end of half term we headed to Alton Towers and stayed in the Alton Towers Hotel. It had been a good 15 years since I had last visited and I didn’t really know what to expect. As our boys age between 8 and 4, my main concern was whether there would be enough to keep them happy.

CBeebies Land Alton Towers

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The younger two were happy enough to look around CBeebies Land. As we had early entry to the park, it meant we could do these rides whilst it was still quiet. Whilst big man tollerated Iggle Piggle’s magical boat ride and Get Set Go Tree Top Adventure, he was quite happy firing soft balls in Justin’s House Pie-O-Matic Factory, and the Octonauts Rollercoaster.

Right next to CBeebies Land is the Spinball Whizzer. This is suitable for anyone over 1.2m and whilst it terrified big man at 8. I think that he is pleased to say he rode it twice.

Spinball Whizzer

I am pleased to say that most of the other rides we did were great for all the family. Little man who was concerned about the Octonauts rollercoaster, was more than happy riding the runaway train. The Congo river rapids were also fun and luckily we didn’t get too wet. I like shooting rides, but Duel was a little on the old and dated side for my liking and a little scary for small ones.

If you are happy to get wet, and when I say wet, I mean absolutely soaked through, then Battle Galleons is the ride for you. It is great as you get to shoot people with water. The downside is that they shoot back! It was lots of fun and it was a hot day, but I’m not sure the boys will ever get me on it again!

Sharkbait Reef is nice for a quick wander, but dare I say when you have seen one Sea Life Centre you have seen them all? Legoland really have the creme de la creme on that front with Atlantis.

A number of my friends who have been to Alton Towers in recent years have complained that there are lots of rides closed down at the moment. Cloud Cuckoo land did seem a little bare. Having said that the smaller ones were happy on the Frog Hopper whilst big man went on the Twirling Toadstool.

Froghopper at Alton Towers

When it comes to Rollercoasters, my boys don’t meet the 1.4m height restriction yet. Big man would have been able to ride Thirteen if it had been open. (I think he is secretly thankful it wasn’t!) I am pleased to say though, that as there was no queue for Nemisis, my husband and I both managed a sneaky go on it, on our way to the Rollercoaster restaurant.

We had a fantastic time at Alton Towers and the boys are already asking to go back. They also want to make sure we do Splash Landings next time. What I really liked about the park was the mix of rides, meaning that there was something for everyone in our family to enjoy, Even better were the queue times. I don’t know if we were just lucky with the dates we chose, but our longest wait was around 30 minutes for the runaway train. Compared to the other Merlin Parks we have visited with the boys this is really good.

Have you been to Alton Towers recently. Were you impressed by the range of rides, or upset that there are so many shut?


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4 Replies to “Alton Towers: Something For Everyone?”

  1. We have a trip planned over the summer so it’s good to read your review! We’ve not been to CBeebies land yet and as my oldest is quite timid when it comes to rides I’m hoping that it will suit him too. I’m glad to see that it looks as though there will be plenty for them (7 and 5) to do. Fab video, the Rollercoaster Restaurant looks amazing and I can imagine my daughter looking a lot like your son with the chocolate afterwards!
    Jennifer recently posted…A Norwegian Cruise on the Disney Magic – where we stopped and what we didMy Profile

    1. Probably don’t take him on Spinball whizzer then. I can also not stress enough, just how wet Battle Galleons is. Drenched x

  2. We are lucky enough to have Merlin passes and live quite close,so go quite often. Since last year’s incident it has been regularly quiet,not helped by some of our favourite rides being closed, leaving less for our 7yo to go on. Hopefully they will address this with some new attractions soon. I think if you have 5 and unders cbeebiesland is the biggest attraction and always the busiest area

    1. Yes I think it helped our enjoyment as we hadn’t been there with the boys before. If we had we may have got annoyed by the stuff that was closed. I did wonder if we were lucky or if it was down to the smiler.

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