Where To Eat At Disneyland Paris

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So you have booked a holiday at one of the most magical places on earth, but what about food? Unfortunately, whilst you will no doubt have a fantastic time at Disneyland Paris the food is expensive and pretty much the same everywhere. It can take ages to queue for a lunchtime meal. So I thought I would share my experiences of eating at Disneyland Paris incase it can be of help to you.

Firstly, we have always booked the half board meal plan. Sometimes this is included in the deal when you book your hotel, sometimes it isn’t. We have found that it works well and most places are included. But if you want to eat at Planet Hollywood or The Rainforest Cafe then these are NOT covered. You can however, use your meal plan at lunch rather than dinner if you decided to do this one day.

Cafe Mickey is a must for me at Disneyland. It is fun having the characters come over to the table. I would make sure you book this up early so you can get a good time. Trust me if you wait until you check in you may miss out. This is one of the downsides of Disney food outlets. You have to book in advance as try and be spontaneous and you will have very hungry children! If you are eating at Cafe Mickey don’t forget your autograph book for the characters to sign.Cafe Mickey


Bistro Chez Remey is great if just for the theming. If your little ones like Ratatouille then they will love the decor here. The only downside to this restuarant is that it is in Walt Disney Studios and only open when the park is. We ended up having a late lunch here on the day of our departure which worked well. Beware though, all the restaurants which aren’t buffet style are for a proper sit down meal. I am talking a couple of hours. This isn’t necessarily what you want with small children and here the buffet style restaurants are often easier.


bistro chez remy

Whilst Buffalo Bill’s is only included on the premium plan, it is a fun show to go to (if pricey.) Food here is rustic – think sausages and chicken wings eaten with your fingers.

buffalo bills show

Trying to find a light lunch in the parks is easier said than done. If you go into Disney village there is the Earl of Sandwich and McDonalds, but of course it take time out of your day to walk to these. If you have driven to Disneyland I would highly recommend stopping off at a hypermarket en route and purchasing some healthy snacks and water to keep you going through the day.

As I have said before the food is ok at the Disneyland Parks but nothing fantastic. You will be craving fruit and veg on your return, but you will have a smile on your face from the fun you have had. You just might not want to see a chip again in a while!

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  1. We’ve struggled in the past at Disneyland Paris, like you say it’s so expensive! We really liked Cafe Mickey too and also Rainforest Cafe. In the main park we’ve eaten a couple of times at Colonel Hathi’s Pizza Outpost which was very quick and not too pricey. We’ve never tried one of the meal plans but are considering it for our next visit now that our children are a bit bigger and do actually eat!
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  2. I agree that Disneyland Paris is expensive to eat at but there are offers out there where you can get free half board meal plans.

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