Disneyland Paris With Young Children

mainstreet disneyland paris

We have been to Disneyland Paris three times now with young children. We wanted the magic to be there and this is why we decided to go when the children were little. It is a lovely destination for anyone that loves Disney or likes theme parks. When travelling with young children, organisation is the key, so I have written up my 10 top tips for taking young children to Disneyland Paris.

1. Drive there. ย I suppose this really depends where in the country you are starting out from, but we found taking the car over to France was the easiest way for us to travel when the boys were younger. It was easy to pack in everything we needed including the pushchair, bottles and powdered milk.

2.The New York Hotel. If you are staying at one of the Disney hotels then consider how far the walk is. After a day of walking even the next hotel down can take an extra 10 minutes to walk to. We stayed in the New York hotel on a couple of occasions. It has the added bonus of being able to accommodate 2 adults, 2 children and 1 infant in a room. ย When they are older, I believe there are a few rooms that can accommodate 5 within the Disney Hotels, but you need to book really early and call up for these.

3.If you go for the Half Board Meal Plan then it is worth going to the buffet restaurants if you have an under 3. They aren’t charged under the meal plan. Therefore they don’t get a meal if you are at a served??? restaurant. You can order food for them off the menu, but it is often far more than they need. At the buffet restaurants they are happy for them to have a small plate of food.

.Meeting Minnie at Disneyland Paris Cafe Mickey4.Beware, not all children like costumed characters. I had not even thought of this before taking big man aged 3 to Disneyland. He loved Mickey on the TV. Face to face with a five foot mouse is a different matter. Luckily he got used to it pretty quickly!

5.If unsure take a buggy. You and your children will do a lot of walking. If you are unsure about taking a pushchair, you probably should. Our 4 year old ended up falling asleep in his brother’s buggy he had got so tired one day!

6.Use fast passes to cut queuing time. Little children don’t want to queue an hour for a ride. Some of the rides offer fast passes. This means you scan your ticket and then come back at a selected time later in the day and then take a fast track queue.

7.There are lots of characters around the park but there are two problems with this. Either you have to queue for a long time to get a picture and autograph or there is a mass bundle around them where parents are pushing their kids to the front. The best way to see the characters is to book character dining.

8.Go in term time if you can. But it is worth checking when the French holidays are.

9.If you are in one of the Disney hotels, you will get extra hours in the park. Make the most of your little ones waking up early and go on the selected rides before everyone else arrives.

10.Everyone heads to Disneyland, but make sure you go to Walt Disney Studios.ย Personally, I think it has more for younger children and is usually less crowded.

Cars ride at walt disney studios paris

So there are my top tips for Disneyland Paris with young children. Can you add any more?

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Top tips disneyland paris with young children


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188 Replies to “Disneyland Paris With Young Children”

  1. Tracey Peach says: Reply

    I haven’t been & I would love to meet Mini Mouse because she is cute! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Claire Elizabeth Noke says: Reply

    I haven’t been, I’d love to take my 3 kiddies though! They’d love to meet the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse gang ! ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

  3. Catherine McAlinden says: Reply

    Mine would be to stay in places that are 1 or 2 train stops away. We stay in Bussy St Georges now that the children are 5 and 6, and it is so much cheaper!

    1. Deborah Clarke says: Reply

      Minnie mouse of course x

  4. aaron broad says: Reply

    I would like to meet Goofy as he is my favourite

  5. We have never been, but the kids would love to meet Mickey and the gang!

  6. sharon martin says: Reply

    never been but you love to meet donald duck as have liked him since i was small

  7. Karl Borowy says: Reply


  8. Karen hutchinson says: Reply

    Olaf – because he likes warm hugs

  9. I’d love to meet Snow White, she was always my favourite princess. ๐Ÿ™‚
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  10. michelle smith says: Reply

    I would love to meet mickey mouse.

  11. i have never been but i would love to meet the disney princesses my daughter loves them

  12. laura stewart says: Reply

    I would love to meet minnie mouse x

  13. Take your own food, the last time i went food was very limited for a vegetarian ๐Ÿ™ I would love to meet Belle

  14. bella smyth says: Reply

    I would love to meet mickey mouse.

  15. bella smyth says: Reply

    I would love to meet mickey mouse.

  16. Hannah Scudder says: Reply

    I have never been but the 6 year old in me would love to meet Princess Belle, Beauty and the Beast was my favourite film as a child. My son would love to meet stitch from Lilo and stitch

  17. lucy higgins says: Reply

    Definitely Belle as she was my favourite princess when I was little. My twin sister and I used to write down all the words to the songs and learn them and I can still remember them!

  18. Maggie Coates says: Reply

    I have not been, but would love to see Snow White.

  19. iain maciver says: Reply

    I would love to see pluto

  20. wendy gordon says: Reply

    took my granddaughters a few years ago when they were 6 they loved it, we still have the autograph books. I would say stay in the closest hotel you can afford and we found walking round the lake was quicker than the hotel shuttle buses. The other thing I noticed was that everyone took food from the breakfast buffet to eat later.

  21. My top tip is to start at the very back of the park and work your way forwards

    1. I don’t care what phone people get . I can’t wait for the galaxy note 2 tho for me its an awesome phone to get and just like vi2d;&#8e17os on itรฏยปยฟ so I know how to do everything before I get it.

  22. I havenโ€™t been, and don’t think I ever will unfortunately.

  23. Tracy K Nixon says: Reply

    I havenโ€™t been and I would love to meet Bug Bunny because he was my childhood favourite!

  24. claire woods says: Reply

    A fastpass is worth it.

  25. Naomi Josey says: Reply

    We went a long time ago in December it was extremely cold! Fully recommend hot chocolate to keep warm! Also definitely go on Space Mountain! Even better than the one in Disneyworld!

  26. would like to meet Goofy

  27. Angela Treadway says: Reply

    Mickey mouse because I always wanted to meet him as a kid x

  28. Paula Readings says: Reply

    Baloo from Jungle book because he is one of my favourite characters.

  29. janine atkin says: Reply

    micky mouse. he’s the best ever!

  30. I’d love to meet Minnie Mouse. When we went we took refillable water bottles and the sqeezable super concentrated squash. It was a godsend on hot days and there are loads of water fountains.

  31. Rachel Craig says: Reply

    Minnie Mouse, so cute.

  32. Haven’t been to Paris, but been to Walt Disney World lots & the best tip is to plan plan plan!!

  33. Diana Croos says: Reply

    i would love to meet micky mouse

  34. Kirsty Hosty says: Reply

    I’d love to meet all the Disney princesses

  35. Lauren Tourle says: Reply

    I haven’t been but i would love to meet Ariel as she is my favourite Disney princess ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. We have never beem, but would love to go and meet Mickey Mouse
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  37. Alix Boswell says: Reply

    i haven’t been but i would love to meet Buzz Lightyear! my niece would want to meet JESSIE

  38. Laura Pritchard says: Reply

    I haven’t been but I’d love to meet Woody!

  39. Jo Hutchinson says: Reply

    I like to meet Minnie mouse.

  40. Ruth Harwood says: Reply

    We’d love to go and meet Mickey mouse xx

  41. Kirsty Sparks says: Reply

    Instead of waiting for the buses walk to and from your disney hotel. It’s through disney village and by a lovely river with amazing views.

  42. STACY SORRELL says: Reply

    We went in December, it was freezing – id recommend LOTS of layers. Top tip would be to book a character breakfast at mickeys cafe. As it was soooo cold, and queuing up for over an hour each time to meet some of the characters was so difficult, especially for a 4 year old and an 8 year old who were almost crying they were so cold. Most of the popular ones will be at the character breakfast, and they come round to each table to sign autographs and have photos with you, its a lot more personal. xx

  43. Karolina Rozwarska says: Reply

    I have never been but would love to meet Rapunzel!

  44. I’d love to meet Elsa because she is a good disney character. I would also love to meet Mickey and Minnie mouse because they have been going for years and years!

  45. Julie Henderson says: Reply

    donald duck as he my secret hubby to be

  46. fozia Akhtar says: Reply

    I would love to go with my partner

  47. Kathryn booth says: Reply

    i haven’t been, but i know my daughter would love to meet Minnie or any of the princesses!

  48. I would love to meet Minnie Mouse because she’s cute.

  49. Take crisps and snacks the food is very expensive

  50. tee simpson says: Reply

    Enjoy the magic!!

  51. My tip is early to bed, early to rise to get on the best rides before the park gets busy. x

  52. Laura McGuigan says: Reply

    I would love to meet Donald Duck, because I feel like he doesn’t get as much love as he should.

  53. I haven’t been, but i’d love to meet Belle. she’s been my favourite princess since i was little ๐Ÿ™‚
    i’m sure my two girls would rather meet Elsa and Anna though lol

  54. My top tip is wear comfortable shoes as you’ll do a lot of walking and standing around in queues.

  55. Mickey mouse because he is so famous.

  56. Kristy Brown says: Reply

    Stay at the Crockett Ranch – the characters make the time to see all the children, it’s cheaper as it’s SC and the eateries are so expensive in the park…..and jump on the train, one stop down is the local shopping centre and it’s much cheaper to buy your wine there etc.

  57. leanne weir says: Reply

    the legend that is mickey m

  58. Kayleigh Robinson says: Reply

    I have never been to disney land Paris but id love to meet any of the Disney princesses. Especially rapunzel โค๏ธ

  59. christine reid says: Reply

    I haven`t been but would love to meet Minnie Mouse there.

  60. Denielle Nicol says: Reply

    Would have to be Micky Mouse! His such a huge icon Dxx

  61. Natalie Crossan says: Reply

    minnie mouse xx

  62. Rachel Butterworth says: Reply

    I haven’t been before. I’d love to meet Daffy Duck, he was always my favourite as a kid.

  63. leigh boyle says: Reply

    ohh i cant wait to meet the princesses we go next year and im already so excited =) x

  64. sarah bramble says: Reply

    No tip from me as I cannot afford it but would suggest it is probably best to look for good deals and to plan your day in advance!

  65. My top tip is to hang around Casey jr/Storybook boats. I found that around 2pm random characters came out. There would be between 3-6 characters with little wait!

  66. I have never been, but I would love to met Woody as Toy Story is my favourite Disney film

  67. Tammy Tudor says: Reply

    Explore more things that Disneyland has to offer! It has a cinema, golf, shopping and shows!

  68. Andrea Smith says: Reply

    I’ve been to Disneyland, Paris 5 times and I’d go back in a heartbeat. I met Woody from Toy Story and got a hug from Sully of Monsters Inc.

  69. Chelsea May Barnes says: Reply

    I would absolutely love to go to disneyland paris because i’ve never been, and I don’t know if my favourite character Merida would be there, but if she was i’d love to meet her!

  70. Laura Kevlin says: Reply

    I haven’t been since our Exchange at school so 20 years ago (eek!) – I’d love to go again now I have children of my own, I think they would LOVE to meet the Frozen sisters ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. Tamsin Dean says: Reply

    never been but would love to, I think woody and buzz would be so ace to meet

  72. lisa tebbutt says: Reply


  73. we visited about 8 years ago, and we paid to have a buffet lunch with disney characters, best ten euro ive ever spent it was amazing !

  74. Nicola Marshall says: Reply

    Take lots of snacks for the kids, as food is very expensive once your in there.x

  75. joanne oneill says: Reply

    Book the princess lunch in advance if your kids want to meet princesses as the queue at princess pavillion is always huge and you only meet one princess then have to queue again for another!

  76. Pam Francis Gregory says: Reply

    I’d like to meet Goofy as so funny!

  77. Get drinks and snacks from the train Station as they are much cheaper then in the parks

  78. my daughter would love to meet minnie mouse ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. kimberley grant says: Reply

      I would love to meet tiara, baymax or Rapunzel

  79. Rebecca Roberts says: Reply

    Iv not been but we are saveing up to hopefully take my three year old while the magic still ther and i love to see micky mouse

  80. Lorraine Polley says: Reply

    have never been but would love to meet donald and daisy duck

  81. abigail edkins says: Reply

    Id have to say minnie as shes been in my life for such a long time, Ive never been and would love to

  82. Patricia Avery says: Reply

    Never been but I would love to meet Mickey because I have been a lifelong fan ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. Meeting Baloo from The Jungle Book would be fantastic – we’re big fans in this house.

  84. I have always wanted to go to Disneyland! I’d love to meet all the princesses and Minnie!
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  85. Francesca Jones says: Reply

    Belle because she is my favourite Disney Character

  86. Chat to others whilst waiting in the queues, lots of tips to be found out and shared!

  87. Never been but really want to take our 2 year old soon! She loves Olaf! ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Would have to be Goofy for me, but for my son it would be buzz lightyear!

  89. Keshia Esgate says: Reply

    Never been, would love to go! I would love to meet Genie – he is hilarious!!

  90. Kate Leather says: Reply

    Take the kids when they’re old enough to remember it x

  91. i have never been but would love to see mickey mouse

  92. I haven’t been to DLP but have been to Disney World twice now. I love meeting Daisy

  93. I think it would be Mulan or Merida.

  94. Jo McPherson says: Reply

    I would love to meet Mickey and Mnnie

  95. Matt Froggatt says: Reply

    If you can arrive at opening time (even before the rope drop) the sheer quiet and sense of space is amazing!

  96. I have nt been to Disney Land Paris but have been to Florida. i would say book pre book passesfor attractions to avoid long queues

  97. Take the Eurostar made it super easy and always love to meet Micky

  98. Danika Lloyd says: Reply

    take your own refillable water bottles

  99. Vicky Loveday says: Reply

    Take refillable water bottles. Drinks are very expensive and often sugary. Take an afternoon break for an hour if possible to recharge your batteries. Set a limit to how much you spend in the souvenir shops and stick to it, its incredibly easy to get swept away and over spend.

  100. I’d love to meet Minnie Mouse, I adored her as a child

    Hannah x

  101. Haven’t been but would love to go with grandchildren to meet anyone from Frozen

  102. michelle o'neill says: Reply

    i would love to meet mickey x

  103. Paige Murrells says: Reply

    My top tip is to try and get there for when the park opens, and to head to the back once you get in. Most people immediately do the rides close to the entrance, so going to the back first allows you to make the most of short queues! Great prize ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. Kelly Knowles says: Reply

    I’d love to meet minnie mouse x

  105. Wish I had been lucky enough to been hoping in a few years when daughters a bit older so she came remember the once in a lifetime holiday would have to be minnie mouse everything I owned as a child was minnie and my daughters following mummy with her minnie mouse room .x

  106. Shalene Hodder says: Reply

    When you enter the park everyone will go to the right, so go to the left and work your way around from there, it will be very quiet and by the time you get to the right side of the park you will not be in the crush of people.

  107. michelle speight says: Reply

    goofy as he our fave characyer

  108. Greig spencer says: Reply

    Goofy as he is my favourite

  109. Chantiece Bates says: Reply

    I’ve never been before but I am hoping that I can go at some point! I would love to meet Minnie Mouse, she’s such a cutie!

  110. thanks for sharing! we are hoping to go to disneyland paris in january next year! my kids are both Frozen obsessed so I bet they’d love to see Anna, Elsa and Olaf!
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  111. Kerry Kilmister says: Reply

    The best tip that I can give is to pace yourself. There is so much to see and do – you don’t want to be rushing everything. Try and plan as much as you can so that nothing is left out – and have fun! xxx

  112. Angela Wilcox says: Reply

    I’ve never been but would llve to meet Sully from Monsters inc because he’s cuddly ๐Ÿ™‚

  113. Lucy Chester says: Reply

    I have never been but love Cinderella as she was my favourite princess as a child.

  114. I haven’t been lucky enough to visit Disneyland but I would love to meet Mickey Mouse whose character was part of my life growing up.

  115. Stay in one of their hotels to get the full Disney experience!

  116. I haven’t been but would love to take my two (3yr & 1yr). Lightening McQueen is my 3 year olds favourite!

  117. Michelle Sykes says: Reply

    Mickey Mouse – I love him to bits and always have

  118. Lisa Wilkinson says: Reply

    Get to the parks when they open and get on some of the most popular rides before the crowds come in.

  119. Joanne Davis says: Reply

    Get there as soon as it opens, wear lots of suncream!! and if you get a chance to buy flexi tickets, BUY THEM!

  120. caroline kelly says: Reply

    Never been, Olaf – to get a warm hug!

  121. Vickie Jackson says: Reply

    I’d love to take my kids and we would love to meet Elsa ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. Gill Mitchell says: Reply

    I’d love to meet The Beast, he’s my absolute favourite and so much cuter as a beast than a prince

  123. Laura Harrison says: Reply

    Never been but would love to meet Goofy xxx

  124. donna l jones says: Reply

    never been but the kids love mickey mouse

  125. Laura Whittle says: Reply

    Go for food package. Then you know everything is all in and don’t have to worry about what you’re spending.

  126. Jen Schofield says: Reply

    I would love to meet Pluto

  127. Dont pay for the meal plan as kids just cant eat all the treats .

  128. You can get cash back if you use Topcashback site to book direct with disney + Booking direct with disney there is no Credit Card Charge.

  129. Allan Fullarton says: Reply

    Would love to meet Goofy, he’s hilarious.

  130. If you have young kids consider the Davy Crockett Ranch instead of the hotels. It has self catering facilities (a God send when you see the prices of the food in the park) and much more room than the hotels.

  131. Jayne Kelsall says: Reply

    I haven’t been, would love to though, my daughter would love to meet Elsa as it’s her favourite character .x

  132. Miss Tracy Hanson says: Reply

    We went a few years back. Couldn’t get me off Phantom Manor lol ๐Ÿ™‚ Didn’t meet any characters but Winnie the Pooh would be my favourite character to meet. Love his “bumbling ways”. Thanks for the chance.

  133. simon hardy says: Reply

    I love all Disney films and characters. my kids are a little young at the minute but will take them in a few years! I would love to meet Donald as he was always my favourite growing up and it would remind me of my childhood!

  134. Victoria Cunniff says: Reply

    Donald Duck, his voice has always made me chuckle!

  135. Stay in their themed hotels BUT bring your own cups and essentials. The rooms don’t have ANY of the normal things at all – to force you to buy their merchandised product in the lobby….

  136. michelle hughes says: Reply

    we ve not been with our children but I did go whilst still in high school, set a limit don’t go over board as we found the Disney store was more expensive than the normal shop or online….

    My children love Toy story so I think they would love to meet them.. We are pregnant at the moment and plan on taking the children once baby is older…
    Thanks for all the great tips

  137. Kate Knight says: Reply

    Would love to meet micky mouse

  138. Mickey Mouse as it all started because if a mouse thanks

  139. Damian Thomas says: Reply

    Definitely Pluto he has always been our favourite ๐Ÿ™‚

  140. Jill Fairbank says: Reply

    Don’t go with little ones in winter it’s so cold

  141. Karen Howden says: Reply

    would love to meet Mickey Mouse, because who wouldnt love to meet the original

  142. Goofy – he’s more “me” lol

  143. allison sullivan says: Reply

    we went to disneyland last easter and oh my gosh i felt like a young child again,i was running round with the kids getting the autographs of the characters and we had the best time.if i had to hose id say getting winnie the poohs autograph was my fave but my daughter loved the princesses autographs and lilos,my son loved stitchs and they played a game too

  144. allison sullivan says: Reply

    sorry forgot to put my 1 in my email xxx

  145. Rebecca Smith says: Reply

    Ooo definitely Sleeping Beauty she has always been my favourite Disney princess

  146. claire little says: Reply

    mickey mouse as he’s the original

  147. When we took my niece she was about 4 and I feel she would have enjoyed it a little more if she was a little older. She enjoyed it but there was a lot of rides she couldn’t go on and she was also a little scared of some of the parade characters.

    As she was 4 and had tiny legs we had to rent a buggy for her which required a large deposit. I think it was something like 70 euros so my advice would be to take extra money with you so if you have young children you still have enough money.

  148. I’ve never been but would love to meet the classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse!

  149. claire fawkner says: Reply

    Wear decent walking shoes!

  150. Sandra Foreman says: Reply

    I would love to meet Tigger

  151. Claire Redmond says: Reply

    I completely agree with the character dining and half board plan! we went to the Davy Crockett Ranch which is much cheaper and an easy option if you have a car. id also recommend the fireworks…..it’s a late one if you have young children but it’s definitely something they’ll never forget!

  152. leanne perrett says: Reply

    i would love to take the boys to disney land to meet baloo there fave disney character

  153. Jamie Millard says: Reply

    Buy your tickets before you go – cheaper. Disney studios park is also great. Buy the combo ticket (2parks, 3 days etc) to get the most out of both. You can even hop between the parks on the same day.

  154. I haven’t been, but my aunt gave me a tip once, don’t take the kids ๐Ÿ˜‰ she had an awesome time but the kids couldn’t keep up, lol.

    1. ha ha, I love that! I’d love to go on my own!

  155. Never been but I’ll remember lots of these tips – just in case I’m lucky enough to go in the future! Love to meet Cinderella.

  156. carol boffey says: Reply

    Never been but would love to go

  157. Donna Clinton says: Reply

    I haven’t been to DisneyLand Paris but we have just returned from Walt Disney World in Florida and my top tip would be make sure you wear comfortable footwear as you will be walking miles and miles!

  158. Pauline black says: Reply

    A lot of walking so plan your day before you go out! And pay for fast track in advance so you don’t have to queue

  159. I haven’t been yet but would love to meet Olaf!!

  160. Scott Fallon says: Reply

    Goofy, he was always my favourite

  161. Louise burtenshaw says: Reply

    Take comfortable shoes.

  162. Tammy Bastian says: Reply

    I havent been but would love to meet lightning mcqueen as love the cars films they are awesome!!

  163. Philip Underwood says: Reply

    I haven’t been, but I’d like to meet Donald Duck!

  164. Colin Gault says: Reply

    Would like to see Goofy

  165. lacey langridge says: Reply

    cinderlla because she got her happy ever after, just as i hope i now have.

  166. darren matthews says: Reply

    captain hook, he is my favourite villain

  167. We’ve been twice many years ago and things don’t change much. There are fireworks at the end of each day so you will want to see them at least once. If you’ve got up early for early access to the park rides, make sure you come back for a nap with small children, then you’ll enjoy the fireworks. it is extremely tiring and we took 2 boys aged 9. You will never be able to see everything in even a few days, so plan ahead and try to see the things that are important to you. Oh, and you are sure to love it.

  168. Who doesn’t live Disney! Pooh bear will always be my favey โ™ก

  169. Amy Lambert says: Reply

    ive never been but would love to meet Minnie and mickey

  170. I haven’t been to Disneyland Paris but it would have to be Mickey Mouse I’d like to meet, nothing says Disney like Mickey!

  171. katy bulcock says: Reply

    Havent been would love to take my little one he used to love pluto and mickey mouse :0

  172. Haven’t been but it has to be Mickey Mouse because he started a whole new era of cartoons.

  173. Beryl drake says: Reply

    Id love to meet Donald Duck and if they are there his nephews Hughy Lewey and Dewey

  174. Sammie Hodges says: Reply

    We have been a few times, it’s my second favourite place to holiday (with Walt Disney World being my first!) if you are travelling with kids my top tip is to add a few shows into your plans. Disney Studios especially has lots of shows where you can sit down for a least 20 mins. We found that it helped to recharge the kids batteries and enabled us to stay in the parks later!

  175. Haven’t been but it looks amazing for all ages not just children ๐Ÿ™‚

  176. Amanda Jaggard says: Reply

    When you go in the park work around it anti-clockwise as most people naturally go clockwise around so it’s busier.

    I loved meeting buzz.

  177. Thank you for this we are going for the first time with my 7 and 5 year old, (my first Disney experience too!) my daughter loves Rapunzel and Cinderella, and our son loves rides! We are planning on warning comfy shoes!

  178. Would love to meet Mickey Mouse ๐Ÿ™‚

  179. I’d love to meet ariel my childhood favourite. Thank you x

  180. Dawn Samples says: Reply

    I havnt been but my kids and I would love to go. I would love to meet Cinderella as she is a classic Disney character x

  181. I went as a child cannot wait to take my daughter next year , your family look so happy they will be brill memories x

  182. I would love to meet Mickey Mouse, because he is where DIsney started x

  183. Linda Curtis says: Reply

    mickey and minni who wouldnt love to meet them

  184. I’ve never been. I think my youngest would also be a little over-awed by the real-life characters. But my kids are the perfect age for it – I think they’d have a ball.
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