Blenheim Palace Summer Jousting Event


Last week saw a jousting event at Blenheim Palace. One of the many events they host throughout the year. Blenheim Palace is about an hours drive from where I have lived most of my life, yet this weekend was the first time I have visited.

The jousting is held on the south lawn. The boys started off by watching the jester show which was actually the highlight of big mans day.

Following this was a birds of prey show. Even though it was drizzling the birds were able to fly and the owl the audience were able to participate in the show too with the owl flying over the children’s heads.

The the knights came out on their horses. There were pantomime boos and lots of cheering. They started by practicing their aim. I particularly liked the game where they had to knock off a toy dragon from their helmets.


After the jousting we took a walk around the beautiful gardens. We then had a quick peek in the palace before heading to the pleasure gardens which is great for families. Here there is a small butterfly house, maze and adventure playground.

The maze was hard! Thankfully my husbands sense of direction is better than mine and we managed to make it out. I was beginning to doubt we were!

We enjoyed our visit to Blenheim Palace and the jousting event was perfect for keeping the boys (and me) entertained. The site is huge so beware there is lots of walking. We hadn’t realised from the map that we couldn’t get to the butterfly house from the south lawn. You need to walk around the outside to enter the pleasure gardens. For us, a park and gardens ticket would be the best to buy in the future. My boys were too young to appreciate the house and it was full with visitors so we didn’t stay long in there.

There are lots of events going on at Blenheim Palace meaning there is something for everyone. it is worth checking these out if you are planning a visit. Upcoming events include Horse Trails, Festival of Transport and a Wind in The Willows theatre.

Here is a vlog of our day so you can see what we got up to.

Have you been to one of Blenheim Palace events? What did you like best?


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