Seal Spotting At Blakeney Point, Norfolk

beans boats at Blakeney point, seal spotting

At the end of the summer holidays we spent an hour seal spotting in Blakeney in Norfolk. It was a trip we had talked about for a while but due to the boys being small and the drive being so long (4 hours from Berkshire and 1 1/2 hours from Bury St Edmumds where my father in law lives) we had put it off. Whilst there wasn’t anything I could do about making the the journey shorter,  we felt that the boys (aged 6,8 and 10) were now old enough to appreciate such a trip.

My father in law booked our tickets through Beans boats which was one of the two operators here. Due to tide times and popularity I would suggest you pre book. The car park is National Trust and will cost £4 if you are not a member.

Blakeney point national trust

I have to admit it wasn’t quite as I expected. I was expecting a small town with shops and pubs. I should have done my research! In reality it is a beautiful salt marshland area with a National Trust kiosk where you can buy snacks. There are also a set of portaloos. If you want a meal I would suggest taking a picnic. Unfortunately we didn’t and instead visited the nearby town of Wells next to the sea. This town is itself very beautiful but we didn’t really get to see much of it due to the fact that we were on a tight schedule and a triathlon was running.

The boat operators are clearly visible and people are gathered into the boats around their time booking. The boats are pretty packed and not everyone appreciates that you actually want to sit near your children.

The boat is then taken out to the banks where you can see the seals. These are mainly common seals and we went past them a couple of times so both sides of the boat could see them.

seals at Blakeney

We then headed out to see if we could see any swimming. This was lovely but far too hard for me to photograph.

On the way back you are given the option to get off at the island and explore for an hour. Most people did this. I would have liked too, but as we were heading home that day there just wasn’t time.

It was a lovely boat ride and the costs are reasonable. £12 for an adult and £6 for a child. The boys really enjoyed spotting the seals and the boat ride was just the right amount of time to keep them interested.

Have you been on any nature spotting trips in the UK? What would you recommend?


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5 Replies to “Seal Spotting At Blakeney Point, Norfolk”

  1. We were up in the area recently but didn’t have time to fit in a boat trip – wish we had though, looks wonderful! We did do a hike that passed the kiosk – you’re right, there’s not much there! But it is so beautiful. #countrykids

  2. They look so beautiful, I’ve seen a few seals off the coast in Cornwall but not on this scale, what a treat. #CountryKids

  3. I bet that was lovely to experience. I’ve only ever seen seals by John O’Groats #Countykids

  4. How wonderful to get to see the seals. It’s a shame there wasn’t enough time to be able to go on the island as well but what an amazing experience for you all. Thank you for sharing with #CountryKids

  5. I love seal boat trips, so fab to get close to them. And good to be forewarned that it’s not the tourist trap you were expecting. Any excuse for a picnic, if you’d known! This sounded like a great trip. Thanks for sharing with us on #CountryKids

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