10 Ways To Save Money On Family Days Out

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It isn’t until your children are over 3 that you truly realise the cost of a family day out. I nearly keeled over when I was asked for £45 for us all to see the latest Disney film at the cinema. Family days often mean quality time, so finding ways to ease the cost is important. Here are some tips on making your money go a little bit further.

1. Use loyalty schemes. We shop at Tesco and have a Tesco credit card. After a while loyalty points start to add up. Don’t use them at face value off your shopping. There are loads of clubcard rewards meaning you get more for your points. From days out to restaurant vouchers it is worth looking into these.

2. Buy annual passes. If you live near an attraction, consider purchasing an annual pass. These usually save you money after around 3 visits. We currently have Merlin passes (through clubcard rewards) and National Trust. Our Merlin passes also give us a discount on food and retail in the parks. We purchased the National Trust passes 2 years ago when we went on a trip to Devon. Here not only were we able to visit some local houses, but were also able to park for free at the National Trust beaches.

3. Take a picnic. Often you can double the cost of a family day out by purchasing food onsite. A picnic will save you loads. Make sure to pack plenty of snacks and water. If you want to avoid another hefty bill in the gift or sweet shop on the way out, pack a little treat to give them as you leave. I find the small packets of Haribo often work a treat!

4. Use coupons. Always check for a money off coupon before you visit an attraction. Do a quick internet search, and don’t forget to look for coupons in magazines such as Families and Primary Times that the children bring home from school or nursery. Online apps like Vouchercloud can even be checked on your phone when you get there incase you have forgotten to look before.

5. Enter giveaways. You’ve got to be in it to win it! Giveaways are a great way to win family days out. They are often lower entry too as they are region specific. Local magazines, facebook pages and competition websites such as prizefinder are a good place to start.

6. Plan when you go. By visiting an attraction off peak you can sometimes get a price reduction. Parking at train station is cheaper on a Sunday, so that might be worth considering if you are going on somewhere on a weekend. Advance tickets can also offer a reduction and some attractions allow you to use the ticket on any date rather than specify one.

7. Sign up for newsletters/like of social media. Money off vouchers are often shared on social media and through newsletters, so if there are a few places you fancy visiting, sign up to their facebook or online newsletter and you may get sent a discount.

8. Use Local Parks. Don’t forget that there is often a great day out just around the corner. Pack a picnic and go to a local park. Check out the local splash area. Many are free and just require a small fee for the car park. Geocaching is also great fun and just requires a small fee for the app.

9. Use kids cinema showings. As I mentioned at the start, a family seeing a current film is really pricey. If you wait a couple of months you can see the same film at a kids showing for a fraction of the price.

10. Look out for offers on your groceries. Odd but true. Kelloggs often have Merlin offers on their cornflakes. They are currently giving you a free digital ride photo from a Merlin Park. Highland Spring have recently had free tennis lessons. Who knows what other offers you can get from your weekly shop!

What top tips do you have for saving money on a family day out?


money saving tips for family days out


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  1. Really useful tips for families here – annual passes can make a real difference and also something as simple as a picnic can save a fortune. Thanks for linking to #sharewithme

    1. Yes. I always pack more than I think the boys will eat as they seem to get extra hungry on days out!

  2. Great tips and all worth doing for some quality family time outdoors #sharewithme

    1. Definitely! Will be linking up to Country Kids this week thanks to our National Trust pass x

  3. Great tips. The cinema is SO expensive isn’t it? We sometimes go to the kids screening at the weekend but really the cinema is a rare treat now there’s 4 of them! xx

    1. I know Susanne, a treat here. My Aunt kindly bought the boys cinema vouchers for Christmas which has helped. Not sure how we are going to get away with delaying the Angry Birds movie as middle man is very keen on the idea!

  4. LESLEY BRADLEY says: Reply

    My tip is to always take your own food/drinks/snacks-you’ll save a small fortune!

    1. And always take more than you think. My boys get crazy hungry when they are out!

  5. aaron broad says: Reply

    Great tips thank you (:

  6. Tracy K Nixon says: Reply

    Great tips – I am always looking to save the pennies!

    1. Silly not to! So many offers and giveaways x

  7. Got to be picnic. And snacks.
    Jax Blunt recently posted…How does your garden grow?My Profile

  8. Marion Weir says: Reply

    I make a picnic and take plenty of diluting juice. Filling bottles of water with the juice stops the moans lol, and saves buying over priced juice at the destination.

    1. Oh that is a good idea – esp as you can get those tiny bottle ones

  9. iain maciver says: Reply

    fantastic tips

  10. Claire Nutman says: Reply

    Very useful advice thank you

  11. Annette Oliver says: Reply

    Really useful ideas on how to make days out cheaper

  12. Michael Griffin says: Reply

    Great ideas

  13. Great list. Not sure I have anything else to add!
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  14. Iona Cornish says: Reply

    Sometimes it’s cheaper to visit attractions or amusement parks if you have a larger party. Check, and if it is, see if you can organise a joint outing with some friends. You can always split up once you’re inside the attraction.

    1. Oh that is so true – group discounts!

  15. Susie Wilkinson says: Reply

    We always take picnics to save money, food in places for a whole family is so expensive, and not always to everyone’s taste. I also look for any vouchers or offers to reduced the price.

  16. Great tips on here especially number 5 🙂

    1. 😀 It’s a fab hobby isn’t it! xx

  17. Karolina Rozwarska says: Reply

    Great tips! Thank you!

  18. Useful info

  19. Some great tips must admit I do always try and take our own food as it’s always so expensive out

  20. Useful info. Thank you

  21. I do a fair few of these already but I hadn’t thought of the Tesco club card points one. Thank you
    Lydia Graham recently posted…#NotDoingSatsWeek!My Profile

    1. Oh they really are fab – loads of offers.

  22. Some fab tips, I always take a packed lunch when we go out
    amanda walsh recently posted…Bing 4 Shaped Puzzle ReviewMy Profile

  23. Rob Griffiths says: Reply

    Great tips – thanks very much

  24. Brilliant and useful tips I love saving money
    claire toplis recently posted…Oven Baked Asparagus , Bacon, Hard Boiled Quails Eggs With Smoked Paprika HollandaiseMy Profile

  25. Tracy Newton says: Reply

    Some fantastic advice. We are forever on the look out for ways to save money on our regular days out

  26. Gareth Evans says: Reply

    move to Cornwall I did and it saves us a fortune we can nip home from the beach for snax

    1. Oh I would love to live near the sea again.

  27. stephen smith says: Reply

    i take way too much stuff for the boys some great tips on here thanks

  28. Useful tips. Thanks a lot

  29. Herbert Appleby says: Reply

    these updated themed attractions are getting very expensive these days. i find it a bit infuriating when you can’t bring food or drinks in and they charge way over the top once you’re in.

  30. MANDY DOHERTY says: Reply

    Thank you these useful tips will come in handy

  31. Great tips. I love the cinema tip. You can also get preview codes for screenings of films to use on sites like showfilmfirst if you look around.

    1. Oh I have never heard of that – will have to have a look!

  32. Sally Voong says: Reply

    Get together with friends and their children too for a picnic or bbq in garden. Afterall, it’s to company that makes it fun rather than the destination. You are not spending much more than you would be if you weren’t going out.

  33. Great tips! We went to the cinema recently and it was eye wateringly expensive, luckily I had been down to the corner shop before we left and bought bags of popcorn and drinks there to take with us!!! This helped keep the cost down and I’ll definitely do it if we go again!!!!

  34. Danielle Spencer says: Reply

    Great tips! I am a huge fan of coupons and if I can’t use them, I give them to people that can, put them on my local selling pages for free or leave them on products in shops, if they aren’t to be used on specific accounts. Hopefully I’ve also helped others save too.

  35. Fantastic tips. I don’t think people realized how much you can save by packing snacks and food or even just water bottles. They cost a fortune. It’s great to save pennies here and there and save it for more important things. 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I hope you will continue to share your amazing blog posts with Charlotte over at Mummy Fever starting next week. #sharewithme

  36. tracy james says: Reply

    id say,always take a picnic ,save loads of money,x

  37. Adrian Bold says: Reply

    Great tips – thank you!

  38. Mike Gerrie says: Reply

    Great reading all the tips here

  39. Jennifer Haden says: Reply

    Great tips, always love to save money any way we can

  40. Sheila Sloan says: Reply

    Some really useful advice.

  41. Jessica Pickering says: Reply

    Great tips!

  42. Denfor Hopkins says: Reply

    Take sandwiches; saves a fortune on resturant bills

  43. Ruth Harwood says: Reply

    thanks, always looking for ways to keep my purse shut lol!!

  44. Susan Smith says: Reply

    Alot of useful tips here, great piece

  45. claire woods says: Reply

    We usually take a picnic with us.

  46. Planning ahead is always a good idea.

  47. Margaret Clarkson says: Reply

    Good advice – thank you.

  48. Gwyn Sharps says: Reply

    Great tips here – thanks for the heads up.

  49. Rebecca Nisbet says: Reply

    very handy, have took note of these.

  50. Jeff Armstrong says: Reply

    Good ideas!

  51. Jackie Kelly says: Reply

    Great advice!

  52. Pam Francis Gregory says: Reply

    Take a big picnic as food can be very expensive!

  53. Sheri Darby says: Reply

    What great ideas

  54. Patricia Avery says: Reply

    We always take our own food and drink wherever we go. Children enjoy ‘helping’ to get it ready too.

  55. we go to the local woods with the dog and have a long walk taking photos of the wildlife and spend some quality time together

  56. Lots of great saving tips, thank you

  57. Martina Alban says: Reply

    I have to comment on this page to enter thermos competition

  58. Harline parkin says: Reply

    Some good advice thanks X

  59. Michelle Sykes says: Reply

    Great tips I love ways to save money

  60. Lisa Everaert says: Reply

    Fantastic Tips!! Any info that saves money is always VERY welcome xx

  61. A good list. You’d think that staying at home instead of going away for holidays is cheaper – but it isn’t if you don’t do your homework first.

  62. Some great tips. Thank you

  63. Anthea Holloway says: Reply

    Super ideas! Thank you.

  64. Michelle Wild says: Reply

    Our food is already eaten by the time we get there.

  65. Mary Baldwin says: Reply

    Take food and drink and put some of the bottled water in the freezer the night before – it’ll help keep everything cool and be lovely and refreshing when you come to drink it.

  66. Sat mornings at small cinemes are cheap. Coupons are great let them add up and buy snacks for the local park. Buy icecream before park from supermarket.

  67. Brill tips. Food and drink especially is always so expensive on days out and picnics are more fun anyway!

  68. kim neville says: Reply

    Some great tips. We got annual family passes this year and has saved us so much money.

  69. Jayne Townson says: Reply

    Some handy tips there, we used to have Merlin passes we found them to be great value for the amount of times we used them.

  70. Great tips 🙂

  71. thanks, this is very useful!

  72. katy bulcock says: Reply

    very useful information. We went to blackpool a few years back and used every voucher possible we had a great time for next to nothing 🙂

  73. Claire Reeves says: Reply

    Go with friends! If you have a couple of spaces in the car then take some people with you. These are the times that memories are made. 🙂

  74. Natalie Crossan says: Reply

    Fantastic tips xx

  75. Francesca Jones says: Reply

    No.4 & 5 are my most done!

  76. Nikki Hunter-Pike says: Reply

    fab article, i cant believe how expensive the cinemas has now become!

  77. Natalie Gillham says: Reply

    Great tips, thankyou x

  78. Catherine Booker says: Reply

    Fantastic tips, and I agree, a good picnic beats the often horrid fast food!

  79. Love a good giveaway makes an outing even more of a treat, some useful info here 🙂

  80. Great tips – we always take food and snacks with us due to family allergies but it does also save a lot of money.

  81. Great tips!

  82. Lucy beckett says: Reply


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