Planning Our Trip To Venice And Setting Expectations

Venice by Federico beccari

Now that we have unpacked our boxes from our recent house move I am turning my thoughts to our upcoming holiday to Venice. With any holiday, I think that setting our expectations before the trip is important. I like to look into reviews of our accommodation on Trip Advisor so that I am fully aware of the good and more importantly the bad points. I like to look into possible days out and discuss them with the children. They would quite happily spend every single day in the swimming pool. but know that a few day trips will be on the cards. Discussing this beforehand just helps setting the expectations for them.

So here is a low down of our plans so far. We will fly to Marco Polo airport and hire a car for the week. Finding a car that will fit 3 booster seats in the back has been easier said than done (without spending silly money and driving a car bigger than our family one) so cross fingers we will be ok on that. We are then heading to a campsite called Marina di Venezia with Eurocamp. Now whilst looking at reviews for this site, I realised that one of big man’s nursery friends Mums stayed there last year. She had some great knowledge to share. Firstly, that the Eurocamp section was at good 10 mins from the pool and restaurant area. It is possible to hire bikes to get around as the site is huge, though this is a bit pricey. Most importantly, and something I am glad I have found out now, is that everything (bar restaurants) shuts down for an enforced siesta between 1 and 3pm. The swimming pool included. You also can’t drive on and off site at these times. If I hadn’t of known this until I was out there I think it would have annoyed me. Although she didn’t explicitly say it, I got the feeling it annoyed her. However, knowing in advance means that you can plan your outings and lunch around it. As it is only a week we are going for, I am hoping it wont be too disruptive for us, and we can cope with being quiet between these hours. I will be keen to update you on this aspect! Pool sunloungers are also charged. Again I’m not so happy about this aspect, as I have never had to at other sites, but I guess it will mean we plan a full day at the pool or a full day sightseeing.

When it comes to sightseeing, obviously Venice is a must. Monkey and Mouse have been and recommend taking lots of snacks for the kids. Prices in Venice are high, it is very busy and loading up with snacks from the supermarket at the campsite is a good idea. I have now prepared myself for the price of a gondala trip, however, many recommend the vaporettos as a cheaper alternative. Claire explains that you have to pay cover charges in the restaurants in St Mark’s Square, but loved her trip to Cafe Florian.

Guliverland is a mini theme park which may be worth visiting and about an hours drive away. My friend has suggested Verona for a day trip and I am also keep on visiting Murano. If you have been and have any family friendly day trip ideas I would love to know!

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  1. How exciting! The whole campsite shutting down for two hours in the middle of the day is definitely something worth knowing about in advance, I can see that it would be a bit annoying but it’s okay if you know so that you can work around it! I’ve not been to Venice with children but they’ll love it, it’s so fun being able to travel around by boat. We spent a day going around the different islands by boat and I remember seeing a glass blowing demonstration on Murano which was fab, we were grabbed as we got off the boat along with a group of tourists and I was a bit suspicious as we don’t normally do these things, but it was excellent and there was no sales pressure at all, you could just stand and watch for a bit and it was fascinating, I think the children would love it. On Burano we bought some biscuits which I still remember fondly. We didn’t pay out for a proper gondola ride, but from memory there are crossing points where you can cross over the canal in a gondola and it’s not too expensive so we just did that a couple of times for the gondola experience (a traghetto I think)
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  2. Yes I quite fancy the glass blowing. I like being well informed on a place then it is less likely to disappoint. A friend pointed out that a lot of sites like men/boys to wear trunks rather than shorts but I *think* this one should be ok with standard swimming shorts – or I hope they will!

  3. Enjoy your trip. We had a great time at Eurocamp in Italy. Not that it matters but it isn’t a Siesta (that’s Spain) – they just close. And don’t expect to get meals until much later than you usually do.
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    1. Oh gosh I hadn’t thought of meals later in the evening either – think our routine might have to change for a week!

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