Win A Thermos King: Perfect For Picnics

thermos flask at picnic

If like me, you like a strong coffee on the go, then this giveaway is for you. The Thermos Brand Stainless King Flask is perfect for keeping liquids hot or cold, meaning it is great for picnics on family days out. It holds a massive 1.2 litres. This can make it heavy to carry but it has it’s own carry handle so can be carried separately. The insulation technology means that the liquids can stay hot or cold for a day! Yes 24 hours. I was actually one of the first people in the UK to get one of these flasks a couple of years ago, and tested this out! The key is to fill it right to the top to ensure it stays hot for so long. It is worth remembering, that although the contents may be hit inside, the way it is insulated means that the flask is not hot to touch.

The Thermos King Flask one of the brand’s best sellers and comes with an insulated steel serving cup. So if you have a long car journey ahead, or are on a day out then the Thermos King flask is perfect for keeping your coffee (tea, soup, insert any other liquid you want in there) warmer or cooler for longer. Just think how quickly you could save money when you don’t have to shell out money for drinks when you are out!

May 19th is National Thermos Brand Day and the team have asked me to share a coffee related story with you. Readers of my family blog will know that I am not a morning person. Infact my boys have even worked this one out. Without my morning coffee I am grumpy and misplace everything! Last week I was rushing around the house looking for my keys when big man did two things. Firstly he pointed to my pocket and pointed out that I had put them in there. And secondly he announced “You haven’t had a coffee yet today have you Mummy?”

In celebration of National Thermos Brand Day I am delighted to announce that I have been offered a Thermos King Flask to giveaway to one of my new readers! The Thermos King is also available in midnight blue and matte black. Available from Argos; T.K. Maxx; Robert Dyas; Lakeland; The Range; Debenhams; John Lewis; Amazon; from £24.99

For your chance to win a Thermos King just complete the Gleam entry below. Good Luck!

Thermos King Flask

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270 Replies to “Win A Thermos King: Perfect For Picnics”

  1. LESLEY BRADLEY says: Reply

    I’m a tea drinker (don’t like coffee!). There’s a lovely pond near us,it full of bullrushes and teeming with tadpoles at the moment- it’s away from the numbers,always very quiet and peaceful, I love stopping and sitting for a while during my daily walk with the dogs 🙂

  2. Tracy K Nixon says: Reply

    I seriously cannot function with my morning coffee – or my lunchtime one or my afternoon one either! I have been know to put my knickers on inside out if I have not had my morning coffee!

    1. Oh my Tracey, how do you sleep? I would be awake all night. x

  3. Jo Hutchinson says: Reply

    I have forgotton to turn the kettle on before and then tried to drink stone cold coffee

    1. Ah yes, I had forgotten that I had done that too!

  4. I don’t do anything without coffee. The other day I did all my sewing inside out because I did the pinning before my drink.

    1. Oh no! That is the kind of thing that I would do! Thanks for the TSO code – WordPress isn’t as scary as I thought it would be x

  5. Tracey Peach says: Reply

    I would have a lovely Thermos flask full of tea & take it to the local seaside & watch the world go by 🙂

  6. kim neville says: Reply

    I would have hot chocolate and take with me when watching kids doing their sports activities

  7. I’m silly even when I HAVE my coffee. Once a few years ago when I worked in an office I was sat at my desk having a break listening to my new little mp3 player and drinking a huge mug of strong coffee. Next thing I know I’ve dropped the mp3 player into my mug of coffee somehow and my colleagues are laughing themselves silly at my shocked expression.
    I’m a doofus. 🙂

    1. Oh no!

  8. I’d fill it with hot chocolate and take to the river

  9. Marion Weir says: Reply

    I am not a tea or coffee drinker, but, my lot love my homemade soup on the beach with their picnic. I would use the flask for my soup 😀

  10. clair downham says: Reply

    forgot to turn the grill on then wonder why the bacon hasnt cooked

  11. iain maciver says: Reply

    I would put tea in mine when I go fishing

  12. I would take this with me to work with some soup in it especially in the cold weather.

  13. Lyndsey Baines says: Reply

    i was making a cup of coffee and and after pouring the water in the cup i went to put the kettle in the cupboard instead of back on the kettle stand!

  14. This would go great in my new picnic basket! I’d fill it with fresh coffee!

  15. Henry Little says: Reply

    great to take in the camper van on picnics!

  16. I don’t drink tea or coffee (Can’t have caffeine) so I would fill it with soup and go for a nice long winter walk along the River Thames.

  17. Claire Nutman says: Reply

    If i dont get a coffee upon waking i truly am a nightmare, i cant think, speak or function its terrible !

  18. Green tea to keep me going when gardening.

  19. I would fill it with soup for when we go to watch my son play football on a Sunday morning.

  20. Carolynn Woodland says: Reply

    I went to work, thinking I was late but forgot it was my day off!

  21. I was once so tired forgot to boil the water first. I love coffee but not this way!

  22. Annette Oliver says: Reply

    I went to work in mis matching shoes, one blue and one black

  23. I’m not a coffee drinker, but if I won the flask I would put soup in it and take it to work for my lunch. Beats a sandwich 🙂

  24. i put 2 pairs of pants on my boy

  25. Karl Borowy says: Reply

    lunch time

  26. I took a flask of tea with me to the cinema last week to see the new Jungle Book. What a lovely film

  27. Michael Griffin says: Reply

    My coffee is the first item in the morning. Without it I have got up at the normal time and dressed for work and only then remembered I had a day off

  28. I would put tea in my flask & take it with me on a coach tour to enjoy on the journey

  29. I’d fill it with coffee and take it, and a book along to my local woods ☺️

  30. Like one of your previous posters, I’ve made my coffee with cold kettle water. Now I’ve a newborn I can’t function without my morning coffee with added sugar (which I don’t usually have). Great giveaway – this would be perfect for our upcoming Cornish beach holiday.

  31. Phil Darling says: Reply

    The one day I didn’t make a cup of coffee on waking…..I got married

  32. Samantha Loughlin says: Reply

    Hot chocolate on a boat trip down the canal

  33. Iona Cornish says: Reply

    I don’t drink coffee so I’d put home made Lentil and Vegetable Soup, made with a Ham Stock and chunks of Ham, in my lovely new flask. I’d take it sailing in Findhorn Bay on the Moray Firth

  34. Going out to buy milk, coming home and putting my keys in the fridge and the milk on the dresser…
    Emily Knight recently posted…Bambalan, Colston Tower: ReviewMy Profile

  35. I would fill it with hot chocolate and take it with me and the children when we go geocaching

  36. Susie Wilkinson says: Reply

    I don’t like coffee, but this thermos would be great to have some lovely warm soup in the winter when I am out driving for work.

  37. Put my car keys in the fridge and tried to open the car with a piece of cheese

  38. i would use the thermos flask when i go to the match saturdays have a nice brew at half time

  39. I do drink coffee but only 2 a day and usually I have a green tea first thing in the morning, so no silly things because of lack of coffee here. I would put some coffee in it for our yearly car journey to Switzerland to keep awake

  40. David Sweet says: Reply

    I have boiled the kettle to fill the flask, and then forgotten about it until I had cold water.

  41. Tony Metcalf says: Reply

    I use my themos flask for ice cold orange cordial for when I’m going to a cricket match,

  42. Karolina Rozwarska says: Reply

    Coffee coffee coffee! Can’t start a day without it!

  43. laura banks says: Reply

    i put orange juice on my sons cereal instead of milk

  44. DH and me are walking the COast to Coast this Summer and I’m guessing a mid-afternoon caffeine hit might be needed so this will be a welcome sight in my rucksack.

  45. sam macaree says: Reply

    i would put hot chocolate in it on the way to work in the winter

  46. laura banks says: Reply

    put ornage juice in my sons cereal id have coffee in mine to take to work

  47. I quite often find the milk in the cupboard and the coffee and teabags in the fridge where I put things away before I am properly awake!

  48. I would put hot chocolate in it and take it with me when I walk my dog in the local woods

  49. I don’t think I have ever forgotten my morning coffee it’s the first thing I have

  50. Sharon Hopkinson says: Reply

    Forgot to put the washing in the washing machine before turning it on!

  51. Tammy Tudor says: Reply

    I nearly poured my smoothie in my cereal!

  52. George Spedding says: Reply

    Taken up metal detecting, and love coffee, can’t wait. Now if I had a good thermos could have to of the pleasures of life together.

  53. me without coffee ? oh thats why my mobil phone is in the fridge 😉 haha

  54. I dont drink coffee. I would take it to the allotment so i can have a lovely cuppa tea

  55. i would put tea and take it with us to our long trip to St Ives

  56. I have nearly left the house with my pyjama bottoms on
    amanda walsh recently posted…Bing 4 Shaped Puzzle ReviewMy Profile

  57. Michelle smith says: Reply

    This would lovely to use for picnics

  58. I can be a nightmare if I don’t get my cup of coffee in the morning to wake me up. I actually got on completely the wrong train going to work one morning as I was so zombiefied that I chose the wrong platform ;(

  59. Dean Willoughby says: Reply

    Would fill it with hot strong tea and take it with me on my next fishing trip

  60. Natalie Crossan says: Reply

    The worst one was putting salt accidently in my tea!

  61. poured it down myself in the car

  62. John Tingay says: Reply

    The flask would be ideal filled with soup on a cold and wet fishing trip.

  63. Put two different shoes on and went into work in them x

  64. silliest thing was putting the fairy liquid in the fridge and the butter under the sink

  65. belinda hendry says: Reply

    im going off my tea drinking more water now

  66. Jennifer Wlodyka says: Reply

    I would use it for soup on picnics

  67. I would put my homemade broccoli and stilton soup in it and a big chunk of crusty bread

  68. OMG! My partner keeps asking me to get him a new flask – he uses his old one every day for work but it’s seen better days! This would be perfect!

  69. Kirsty Hosty says: Reply

    Silliest thing I have done is put my phone in the fridge, completely lost the plot that with my little girl up all night and all day couldn’t even drink the endless cups of coffee I made.

  70. Francesca Tuck says: Reply

    Without coffee I tend to brush my teeth with moisturiser! It’s happened more than once.

  71. Rob Griffiths says: Reply

    I’m a tea drinker – I’d take it up the common with my dog Alg

  72. helen tovell says: Reply

    I don’t drink coffee but I would put hot water in my flask so I can have tea and husband can have coffee and we would take it on all our days out including sherringham park

  73. I’d have soup in this flask to take mountain walking

  74. I would fill with tea and amble into the countryside to take pictures
    claire toplis recently posted…Oven Baked Asparagus , Bacon, Hard Boiled Quails Eggs With Smoked Paprika HollandaiseMy Profile

  75. I have put my slippers on instead of my shoes, bolted out of the house and started running to the bus stop. Thankfully, UGG boots were at their height and my slippers were a sheepskin bootie style with thick soles so I don’t *think* anyone noticed. I did return home to change them!

  76. wendy gordon says: Reply

    I no longer drink coffee so I would put boiling water into the flask to make teaandtake it to my local waterpark to watch the ducks and birds

  77. carolyn joyce says: Reply

    Almost brushed my teeth with hair removal cream

  78. I’m not a coffee drinker. I’d put delicious soup or hot white choc in my flask…mmm 🙂

  79. leanne weir says: Reply

    i would take soup for when we go camping

  80. Tracy Newton says: Reply

    I have tried to make tea with cold water before.

  81. Spilled my coffee on my top, then did not notice and wore it to work and had to sit in it all day!

  82. Maxine Owen says: Reply

    This would be great for hot chocolate!

  83. Great prize!

  84. Jodie Harvey says: Reply

    i would use this for soup when we go out for long walks

  85. Gareth Evans says: Reply

    the silliest thing I have done without my morning coffee is to go up to the heli-deck wearing only my underwear to greet the new day only to remeber half way up the gangway we had come alongside in Recife the night before

  86. forgotten to eat breakfast. this sleep deprived mummy needs a coffee to kick-start the day otherwise things go haywire!
    hanna marshall recently posted…Win A Thermos King: Perfect For PicnicsMy Profile

  87. Kerry Taylor says: Reply

    I have a little boy, and currently the best use for a flask would be to keep hot water in so I can make him a bottle while we’re out and about.

  88. I can’t function without my morning coffee with added sugar.

  89. stephen smith says: Reply

    i was sorta hung over once and went to make a coffee got it all ready sat down took a sip and urrghh id used gravy granuals by mistake

  90. debbie jackson says: Reply

    i took my kids swimming float to work with me???? ( i work in an office!)

  91. Since I need coffee to function and more importantly to talk in the mornings then this looks amazing!! Great giveaway and great product:)


  92. I enjoy hiking so I’d fill it up with some home made vegetable soup and take it with me.

  93. I don’t drink coffee, but I like to take tea with me for work. x
    Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) recently posted…This Week #36My Profile

  94. I would use it for tea and take it to work in the morning to wake myself up properly

  95. I can’t drink coffee unless it’s caffeine free, so I’d take a green tea out with my OH when he’s fishing.
    Calyn Allum recently posted…Firefly Halogen Table Top Heater from PrimroseMy Profile

  96. I love coffee but at the moment sticking with morning teas as I BF to my baby. But some time I crave for coffee so much so I can’t fall in this give away would be perfect for us to take hot water with us when we out and go as i always in need of hot water for this and that

  97. Marianne Daniels says: Reply

    I don’t drink coffee, but I’d take soup out for winter picnics. My partner and I are both hot chocolate fanatics and we have a collection of different kinds of cacao chocolate–the real tablets you need to whisk down in a pot with milk or water. That would be nice too!

  98. Fantastic giveaways Goodluck everyone x

  99. Herbert Appleby says: Reply

    no morning coffee = hand cream on tooth brush and me wondering where the suds are.

  100. MANDY DOHERTY says: Reply

    I’d fill it with builders tea for trips to the park with my grandsons

  101. I’d take soup! (yes soup) I went hiking walk recently and we went up a hill, took an hour and one of my friends bought soup in a thermos. It was such a great treat at the end of our walk! So I know what to take if I go hill walking again!

    On other days I’d use it to take tea for picnics or long drives.

  102. Claire Elizabeth Noke says: Reply

    I once (in my rush to get ready for work) put my keys in the fridge and went to open the front door with a bottle of semi-skimmed milk !! :/

  103. I am not a coffee drinker so in the winter I would fill it with nice hot tea ready for going to dog agility shows. Normally that involves standing out in the freezing cold for several hours so a hot cuppa is essential.

  104. Sally Voong says: Reply

    I went to work in my slippers. Luckily I don’t really deal with the public so only had my colleagues to laugh at me!

  105. melanie stirling says: Reply

    I would fill it with tea and sit on the hills and admire the views with a cup of tea.

  106. Can’t say I’m a big coffee fan, caffeine drive me crazy! Hot Chocolate for me, would be great to take for an evening stroll by the stars…

  107. Danielle Spencer says: Reply

    I occasionally drink coffee, although I would likely use this flask for hot chocolate for our evening walks, I love a good hot chocolate to stop chocolate cravings, to warm me up or to make me feel cosy.

  108. Amanda Richardson says: Reply

    I’ve sprayed hairspray under my arms instead of deodorant!

  109. Karen hutchinson says: Reply

    Soup on country walks

  110. Hazel Murphy says: Reply

    Coffee to take to the cricket matches my husband watches all summer.

  111. Helen Humphries says: Reply

    Coffee is a lifesaver! I never do any correspondence before my morning cup, I read the emails back and shudder at the amount of typos!

  112. I’d make real coffee and take a walk with the dog. The silliest thing I’ve done is tread on a slug without socks or shoes.

  113. Karen Smith says: Reply

    Oxo or hot chocolate on cold Sunday mornings at my son’s football matches

  114. Corinne Peat says: Reply

    The silliest thing I have done without my coffee is dress my two youngest boys in each other’s clothes. There’s two years between them and I only noticed when my youngest son trousers kept falling down!

  115. tracy james says: Reply


  116. Angie Hoggett says: Reply

    driven to work in my slippers! Only realised when I got there so had to go and buy some shoes.

  117. lia sturman says: Reply

    when my daughter was small i walked her to school in my slippers i still blame it on not having a coffee

  118. Olga carpenter says: Reply

    I would put tea in it an awesome giveaway

  119. Adrian Bold says: Reply

    I’d use it for Tea when we’re out walking or hiking.

  120. would fill it with chilled milk and take it on one of my long country walks

  121. Paula Readings says: Reply

    I had 2 jobs, and i actually drove to the wrong job one morning.. boy were they surprised to see me! and boy was i surprised to be there! and boy was i late for the job i should of been at! COFFEE needed.

  122. Louise Bridgwater says: Reply

    I’ve put my half made coffee in the fridge when I went to retrieve the milk for it. So near but so far.

  123. Mike Gerrie says: Reply

    A nice flask of tea out with us to the highlands

  124. Matt McAndrew says: Reply

    I’m truly feeble without a strong coffee in the morning. I work shifts, but it’s the dead early shifts where coffee is absolutely required, especially in the winter or I simply wouldn’t be able to function.

  125. Jennifer Haden says: Reply

    We don’t drink coffee, but we’d definitely put some lovely herbal tea in the flask x 🙂

  126. Jennifer Haden says: Reply

    We don’t drink coffee, but we’d definitely put some lovely herbal tea in the flask x

  127. Sheila Sloan says: Reply

    Gone to work with one navy and one black shoe on.

  128. Jessica Pickering says: Reply

    I once got the whole way to work without realising that I had my cardigan inside out for the duration of the mile long walk along a main road and through the town centre!

  129. Patricia Avery says: Reply

    Love going for long walks all year round but quickly become dehydrated. I find it quite hard to drink enough water so in the summer I would fill the flask with green tea and in the winter homemade soup.

  130. Denfor Hopkins says: Reply

    I’d put a smoothie with some ice in it in the Thermos flask

  131. Denfor Hopkins says: Reply

    I’d put a smoothie with some ice in it in the Thermos flask

  132. Ruth Harwood says: Reply

    Forgotten to boil the kettle!

  133. Chris Davies says: Reply

    Managed to get my head stuck between the Underground Tube doors!

  134. Got into the passenger seat of the car and spent 30 seconds attempting to find where the ignition was.

  135. Susan Smith says: Reply

    I dont drink coffee, i drink lots of tea and i would take my flask on picnics and long journeys

  136. Rachel Butterworth says: Reply

    I would put tea in my flask and go on a long walk in the countryside with my dog.

  137. ROBERT MCINTOSH says: Reply

    Not having had my morning coffee, and thinking I had slept in, I got ready for work before realising it was a rest day – still, had plenty of time to enjoy my coffee after all! 🙂

  138. claire woods says: Reply

    I can’t think of anything silly I have but I would put coffee in this and take it on a long walk.

  139. Alvina Boyd says: Reply

    Great for coffee on picnics

  140. georgie pope says: Reply

    tea and i’d take it to the south of england show, and sit in the car park drinking it, like all the other british do!! lol!

  141. Diane Jackson says: Reply

    I once drove to the supermarket instead of taking the kids to school. They just looked at me as though I’d gone daft

  142. Got to school an hour early (with bleary eyed children) before remembering the clock change. Really needed a coffee!

  143. i’m a tea drinker so wouldn’t be putting coffee in it although i always find i never have the time in a morning for a drink so it would be great to have one on the go.

  144. Used hairspray as deodorant and aqueous cream as toothpaste – and yes both on the same morning, don’t ask!

  145. angela sandhu says: Reply

    I prefer tea but i once had such a bad headache that i woke up and made my tea and got some water to dissolve a soluble painkiller and i accidentally put the tablet into my tea – it was like a science experiment!!

  146. Liam Bishop says: Reply

    I have literally walked halfway to work before realising I haven’t picked up my security pass, wallet and keys the other day. Oops!

  147. june morrice says: Reply

    Herbal tea and I would take it work

  148. I once fell asleep on the bus and woke up half an hour later after school had started. So then I realized how important coffee is…

  149. I was making my first coffee in the morning and I put spoonfuls of coffee and sugar in the mug and had just started pouring in the hot water when I realised my mug was upside down and I had made a sticky mess on the counter

  150. samantha price says: Reply

    i am a tea drinker so i would take it camping with me and when i finally make it up snowdonia i will get to use it

  151. Laura McGuigan says: Reply

    I would put soup in the flask and take it to school for lunch.

  152. amanda gibson says: Reply

    Took the kids to school and thinking it was rather quiet for a school morning soon was to find out it was an inset day grrr

  153. Lindsay Taylor says: Reply

    Not quite the season but I would take a flask of hot gluwein on a snowy walk through the local pine forest – hot vimto on teetotal days

  154. Margaret Clarkson says: Reply

    I would make a lovely thermos of tea and take it on a country walk

  155. janine atkin says: Reply

    i have boiled the kettle and the poured the water into the sink instead of my cup.

  156. I would put tea in my flask and take it with me when I take the children out for days out, so I can drink a nice cuppa, while they are playing.

  157. Charlotte Moore says: Reply

    I would put hot chocolate in it and take it to work!

  158. i woke up, got ready for collage thinking I was late and I’d grab a coffee there. It was only when I arrived that I realised that it was a Saturday..

  159. Stephanie Tsang says: Reply

    I’m trying to stick to a healthy diet so I would just pour hot water into my flask and take it on the school run with me.

  160. Gwyn Sharps says: Reply

    I’m a tea drinker. I can’t function in the morning without it. I tend to bump into door frames and walls and can’t hold a conversation.
    If I had this flask, I’d take it on picnics by our local yachting lake.

  161. Rebecca Nisbet says: Reply

    if i do not have my morning coffee sorted to take to work i am all out of sync, its become part of my routine before work, and i cant process the morning without at least a couple of sips of it.

  162. Clare Bluett says: Reply

    It has got to be tea for me and I’d take it on a trip to see my other half who is working away near the New Forest.

  163. Would put tomato soup in the flask. I’m a tea drinker first thing in the morning , I nearly opened a can of lager to put in it instead of milk (no I’m not an alchi)

  164. Jeff Armstrong says: Reply

    Nearly went out to work without my trousers! I was wearing thermal leggings at the time however, definitely made me remember to set my alarm earlier to make sure I had time to wake up with a coffee!

  165. Jo McPherson says: Reply

    I don’t usually drink coffee, but I’d use it for my tea 🙂

  166. Nicola Marshall says: Reply

    Making a coffee but forgetting to put the kettle on, cannot start my day without a coffee.

  167. michelle speight says: Reply

    done the school run with my slippers on

  168. Jackie Kelly says: Reply

    I have, on many occassions, got into the car before realising I still have my slippers on!

  169. joanne oneill says: Reply

    possibly reversing into my house wall

  170. I went to work an hour early when the clocks changed and couldn’t work out why no one was there. I ‘d put tea in the flask and go walking with my friends.

  171. Pam Francis Gregory says: Reply

    This would be perfect for taking decent coffee into work!

  172. stephen holman says: Reply

    i didnt have my morning coffee then went into work. An hour later i realised I was wearing 2 odd black shoes – the stupidest thing was one had laces and the other was a slip on, so id done up the laces on one and still hadn’t clocked I was wearing odd shoes!!!!!

  173. I would have hot chocolate and go and watch the sunset at the beach!

  174. Annaloa Hilmarsdottir says: Reply

    putting salt in my coffee instead of sugar and making a coffee with Bisto – it didn’t work at all !

  175. Laura Whittle says: Reply

    I’d put tea in mine as I don’t drink coffee. I’d take it on day trips out and to meetings x Can’t do without my brew x

  176. I’ve put conditioner on my skin in the shower instead of shower gel when I hadn’t had my morning coffee – I need it!

  177. Fiona Mallard says: Reply

    I don’t drink coffee so I’d fill it up with tea and go walking in the hills with it

  178. Sheri Darby says: Reply

    Forgetting to put coffee in my coffee! Yes really

  179. Chantiece Bates says: Reply

    I don’t drink coffee but I would love some hot chocolate in a flask mmm!

  180. sarah fielding says: Reply

    I am a herbal tea drinker, I love green tea and take it everywhere! This would be perfect!

  181. The silliest thing I have done without my morning coffee is to leave for work with my slippers on. Thankfully I realised before I got there so turned round and put my shoes on. Better late than embarrassed! Another time was that I work on a Military unit so have to show my security id every time I enter. One morning I took it out of my wallet and showed it to the armed guard – he waved me through quite happily. It was only when I put my id back in my wallet that I realised that I had in fact shown him my Boots Advantage card I guess that he hadn’t had his morning coffee either!!

  182. I adore my coffee and need it for my morning boost – without it I have been known to go to work without brushing my hair !

  183. Until I’ve had my morning coffee, my head is mess
    One morning I went out of the door still in my nightdress!

    I shot straight back in as soon as I realised!!

  184. Andrea Johnson says: Reply

    I’d make a flask of hot chocolate for work in the cold winter mornings

  185. Martina Alban says: Reply

    I have on one occasion walked out of my house wearing my pink house slippers instead of my work shoes

  186. Harline parkin says: Reply

    I love my coffee it wakes me up in the morning! Without it I’m a zombie the silliest thing I’ve done without my first cuppa is to put a load of washing in without checking my husbands pockets well he did have some clean ten pound notes X

  187. Michelle Sykes says: Reply

    I boiled the kettle for my morning coffee and poured it straight into the coffee jar instead of my mug!!

  188. Lorraine Polley says: Reply

    i prefer tea, this would be perfect for an early morning cuppa when on safari in south africa

  189. Lisa Everaert says: Reply

    I`m a tea drinker so i would use mine for tea and use it when we are on our nature walks, visiting the carboots or at work when the machines are busy xx

  190. I am a coffee addict and often take mine with me when on outings. More than once, I’ve poured my coffee only to find I have not added granules or beans so I have poured myself a mug of hot water.

  191. Nodded off in a training session first thing in the morning at work

  192. Tracey Wall says: Reply

    I do not recall ever not having a coffee very first thing every morning

  193. I am a caffeine addict and the worse thing I have done without my morning coffee is go to work with one blue shoe and one black shoe!!

  194. Mary Baldwin says: Reply

    I have to have tea first thing, but need a latte mid-morning to keep me filled up till lunchtime.

  195. Donna Caldwell says: Reply

    Left my handbag in the back seat beside my little girl when I went to drop her of she was covered in lipstick

  196. id put some nice chunky soup in the flask 🙂

  197. Anthea Holloway says: Reply

    I forgot to make one for my husband!

  198. Michelle Wild says: Reply

    It would come with me on a picnic, not today though. It’s like a Baskerville moor out there all misty and gloomy, flaming June eh!

  199. Michelle Wild says: Reply

    Oops forgot today coffee of course …. gin would be better though.

  200. I’d have hot choc though the rest of the family might use it for coffee!
    I’d take it to the allotment.

  201. liz ferguson says: Reply

    forgot to take my curlers out

  202. If I don’t have time for a coffee before I set off to work, I tend to get half way there and realise that I’m wearing something inside out. It’s happened four times now!!

  203. How can you not have coffee in the morning? So necessary when I don’t have it, I am useless. Poor children without lunch!! (At least school isn’t too far!)

  204. Hot chocolate in my flask, on winter walks out.

  205. I once woke up late, didn’t have time for my morning coffee and flew out the door to work… Got to work, it was Saturday!!!

  206. Shirley Evans says: Reply

    Before now I have put milk bottles in the bin and the rubbish on the doorstep,my coffee is my eyeopener.

  207. jessica cook says: Reply

    I would fill it with tea for a picnic in the park

  208. simon hardy says: Reply

    I don’t drink coffee so I would put hot chocolate in it when I go camping

  209. I dont drink coffee but I would definitely fill it will a milky malteasers hot chocolate perfect for the cold early morning school runs! x
    Jessica Howliston recently posted…May Degustabox **REVIEW**My Profile

  210. Of course I’d fill it full of very very strong tea! And me and hubby would take it on a hike

  211. steph lovatt says: Reply

    I drink tea so would fill it with that and take it on a picnic with my children

  212. Wore odd trainers to the gym! Aaargh!

  213. I don’t drink coffee so I would put ice cold water in it to keep me cool in this heat.

  214. Jane Middleton says: Reply

    I would put green tea in it and take it with me on day trips in the winter

  215. Jamie Millard says: Reply

    it’s Tea for me and i’d take it in the car every day. My current ceramic travel cup leaks like crazy – it has to go.

  216. Laura Harrison says: Reply

    I would use it for decaf tea xx

  217. Not something I did really, but one morning my coffee tasted rank when I was visiting my mum, when I went in the kitchen I found that Maxwell house coffee (which tastes vile anyway) and Morrisons gravy granules came in a similar jar, and she’d made me a nice hot cup of gravy with milk and sugar. Can’t recommend it.

  218. Christine Hobbs says: Reply

    Without my coffee I went out in my pajama bottoms and got stopped by the police who asked me if I was OK. I never felt so embarrassed in my life x

  219. Rebecca Roberts says: Reply

    I didont have time for a coffee and once put odd shoes on!

  220. claire fawkner says: Reply

    Wore odd shoes to work!

  221. Jayne Townson says: Reply

    If I won, I would put hot chocolate in this for when I’m out walking. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  222. Elizabeth Doody says: Reply

    I can’t function without my morning coffee, have often found random things in random places when i can’t concentrate. I put the milk in the cupboard, the toilet roll in the laundry basket, the keys in the microwave, the list is endless!! Fab giveaway x

  223. I’d fill it with lovely assam tea and take it on a picnic with my gorgeous grandson Tyler xx

  224. I would put green tea and take it for a picnic on the riverside 🙂

  225. Alison Macdonald says: Reply

    Gone out to work wearing one black and one brown shoe!!

  226. Face Painting in the school for fundraising and fell asleep while working on the childs face

  227. I had forgotten to pick up coffee the day before, so when I woke up I had to walk around to the local shop to get some………unfortunately, I hadn’t realised I had put my slippers on instead of my slip on casual shoes & didn’t realise until I got back in the house!

  228. Kelly cooper says: Reply

    I am a tea drinker and could not survive without a cup of tea In the morning so would have to be tea

  229. Emily Hutchinson says: Reply

    I love my morning coffee. I do have a habit of leaving it in places and not being able to find it again though!

  230. Spencer Broadley says: Reply

    Have to some great chilled wine for a picnic by the lake

  231. I always get too busy to drink my coffee, then put the cold coffee in the microwave to heat….usually find it later that evening!
    Robyn Clarke recently posted…MY SUNDAY PHOTO 12/06/2016My Profile

  232. Keshia Esgate says: Reply

    went to put the cat bowl in the fridge instead of on the floor!

  233. when giving my son a bottle i accedentaly put the teat on the actual milk carton

  234. katy bulcock says: Reply

    😮 i would love this could finally hve a warm cup of tea which never happens if you have a toddler 🙂

  235. sharon martin says: Reply

    i’d put tea in mind and go for a long stroll on the beach

  236. Diane Carey says: Reply

    I can’t think of anything silly that I have done when not having a coffee, although I’m sure that I have. But I love to take a flask of coffee when doing a car boot sale

  237. Claire Reeves says: Reply

    Just been mrs grumpy-chops! 😀 I’d love this to make a load of lovely coffee before a long car journey – we’d save LOADS on the prices of services coffee!!

  238. I can’t function without coffee. I often put my tops on inside out and once put some trousers on back to front and wondered where my pockets had gone. My grandchildren thought it was hillarious.

  239. Jessica Hutton says: Reply

    Gone to work in my slippers. Id put my morning tea in it xx

  240. Tracey Brookshaw says: Reply

    Left the house with two different shoes on

  241. sue mcdermott says: Reply

    put milk in my green tea, yuk!

  242. kerry white says: Reply

    I would fill it with hot blackcurant jui e and take it to my favourite spot at Rhue lighthouse and sit on the rocks reading a book enjoying peace and quiet

  243. Philip Underwood says: Reply

    I would put hot tea in mine, and possibly go on a picnic.

  244. Mid morning I came to use the loo at home and found that when I woke up I’d put the dirty washing in there instead of the laundry basket next to it – urgh!!!!!! I had no recollection of doing it whatsoever!

  245. Tea, good and strong.
    Erica Price recently posted…Afternoon Tea at BrownsMy Profile

  246. Georgina Holden says: Reply

    I would use this everyday to take fresh coffee to work

  247. JOANNE ROXBURGH says: Reply

    hot choc all the way and drink it down our local harbour

  248. Francesca Jones says: Reply

    I don’t drink coffee but I drink lots of tea!
    I would take a thermos of tea on every picnic I go on with my family as I just love TEA!

  249. kelly morgan says: Reply

    I would take tea as I am trying to save money for my family at the moment.

  250. laura stewart says: Reply

    ive gone to work in my slippers before!

  251. The list is endless.
    Put the coffee in the fridge.
    Worst thing though has to be metal dogs bowl in the microwave.

    Good luck all x

  252. I would take it metal detecting with me

  253. Andrea Lloyd says: Reply

    Tea and a picnic fan day out

  254. Beryl drake says: Reply

    Put the dog collar in the cat , cat not impressed and dog certainly wasnt

  255. Nikki Hunter-Pike says: Reply

    decaff tea! i’m a zombie in the morning as i’m up most of the nights BF my baby and i always end up with cold tea durin gthe day as i have a 2 year old as well!

  256. I prefer tea so I would put hot water in it.

  257. Natalie Gillham says: Reply

    I would put hot chocolate in my Thermos flask to warm me up when I go on cold fishing trips x

  258. Katie Smith says: Reply

    I put my keys in the fridge and then proceed to look for my keys for about an hour!

  259. Karen Howden says: Reply

    Gone to Work, got all the way there 16 miles, then realised it was sunday

  260. I’d put tea in the Thermos flask and take it with me on days out.

  261. Catherine Booker says: Reply

    I have stopped just short of putting the dirty laundry in the fridge instead of the washing machine…that could’ve got nasty!

  262. I really wanted a coffee at work so I bought a carton and the lid did not work properly so I had coffee down my trousers and over my desk, not a good sight when I still had 4 hours at work left to do, this would come in very handy

  263. I don’t drink coffee but I would take the Thermos flask to the beach.

  264. Victoria Prince says: Reply

    I would fill mine with hot chocolate and take it into the living room to collapse in front of the tv – sounds stupid, but it means it keeps hot and I don’t need to drink it so quickly, or have to get up off the settee to go and heat it up!

  265. claire little says: Reply

    my soup to work with me

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