Win Peter Rabbit: The Tale Of The Great Rabbit And Squirrel Adventure On DVD

Little man is a big Peter Rabbit fan. He was in his element when we visited the Peter Rabbit Playground earlier this year. If you also have a little Peter Rabbit fan then you will be pleased to know that there is a new  DVD collection of tales out this month.


PETER RABBIT – THE TALE OF THE GREAT RABBIT AND SQUIRREL ADVENTURE is on sale from Monday 24th October. Perfect to keep your little ones entertained this half term snuggled on the sofa or on a long car journey.

The DVD is bought to you by Abbey Home Media and is the fifth installment of his animated adventures. Peter tells a curious Cotton-tail how he and Squirrel Nutkin became friends and how Nutkin’s lost his tail. Soon Peter is on an adventure to retrieve Nutkin’s tail, even though it means going to Owl Island! This charming DVD collection features over seventy minutes full of fun, mischief and adventure, in 6 action packed adventures. Let’s hop to it!

With a taste for radishes and a thirst for adventure Peter Rabbit is the lovable and extraordinary friend you longed to hang out with when you were a kid. But when the chips are down and danger lurks, there’s no better friend to have around than Peter and his boundless courage will always see him through.

 You can pre order the DVD from Amazon.

I am delighted to be able to offer a copy of the DVD to one of my lucky readers. Just complete the Gleam entry below. Good Luck!


If you live near Hertfordshire then you may want to check out my Willows Activity Farm review as it is a great place to visit with a Peter Rabbit fan,


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150 Replies to “Win Peter Rabbit: The Tale Of The Great Rabbit And Squirrel Adventure On DVD”


  2. love peter rabbit

  3. Benjamin Bunny is just too darn cute!

  4. laura stewart says: Reply

    we like Peter Rabbit

  5. Mrs Tiggywinkle she’s so cute

  6. Squirrel Nutkin and Peter Rabbit are great

  7. Catherine McAlinden says: Reply

    Benjamin Bunny because he is my sons favourite!

  8. Tony Metcalfe says: Reply

    Squirrel Nutkin, because real squirrels seem like a lot of fun.

  9. benjamin bunny he is cute

  10. I love Benjamin Bunny. His little green bonnet is cute

  11. Lovely ! My granddaughter would love this DVD !

  12. I like Squirrell Nutkin’s tail

  13. Hannah Scudder says: Reply

    Me and my son love benjamin bunny

  14. mrs tiggywinkle as i love hedgehogs

  15. Definitley Benjamin Bunny hes so funny haha!

  16. abigail edkins says: Reply

    me too…the cute benjamin

  17. JUDITH LUSCOMBE says: Reply

    Benjamin Bunny, but I adore Peter Rabbit, can still remember how he sneeked into Farmer McGregors garden

  18. GEOFF WICKENS says: Reply


  19. benjamin bunny because he is too cute 🙂

  20. Andrea Fletcher says: Reply

    We like Jemima Puddleduck.

  21. squirrel nutkin

  22. Lily, she’s kind and practical and always there to help Peter

  23. melanie stirling says: Reply

    Mrs Tiggy Winkle because she is so cute and she would be cuddly if it wasn’t for her prickles!

  24. benjamin bunny is my favourite friend od Peter rabbit.

  25. Squirrel Nutkin because he’s completely bonkers!

  26. Michelle Ptak says: Reply

    Mrs Tiggy Winkle very cute and oh so lovely x

  27. Joanna Coleshill says: Reply

    Benjamin Bunny, he’s so cute

  28. Mrs Tiggy Winkle as I really like Hedgehogs!

  29. Jen Schofield says: Reply

    Benjamin Bunny because he’s really cuite

  30. Mrs Tiggywinkle

  31. Mrs Tiggy Winkly – I think I sympathise with all the washing that she does!

  32. Lily bobtail as she is so cute

  33. benji – he is soooo cute x

  34. Mrs Tiggywinkle purely for her fun name.

  35. We like Jemima Puddleduck

  36. Lynsey Buchanan says: Reply

    Jemima Puddleduck is sweet and a little naughty.

  37. Really love Peter rabbit. I’m more excited then the kids I think when the theme starts. I remember reading the books as a kid.

  38. Benjamin Bunny for his cheekiness.

  39. Jemima Puddleduck Is out favourite!

  40. Benjamin Bunny because he is just so cute

  41. Squirrell Nutkin was always my favourite because he was the one who always got up to the most mischief. x

  42. Michelle smith says: Reply

    Peter Rabbit because he is quite naughty

  43. Flopsy & Mopsy – Peter’s twin sisters & my twin nieces love them

  44. Angie McDonald says: Reply

    I’ve always loved Squirrel Nutkin since my mum used to read his book to me when I was little!

  45. Love Peter, he is such fun and so sensible, and of course who wouldn’t love a rabbit!

  46. Peter Rabbit has always been my favourite

  47. Benjamin Bunny, he is cute.

  48. claire haskins says: Reply

    benjamin bunny

  49. NATALIE CROSSAN says: Reply

    squirrel Nutkin because he’s mad x

  50. Peter is our favourite, a little troublemaker like my boys!

  51. Mrs Tiggywinkle

  52. Benjamin

  53. my son likes Benjamin bunny

  54. Katie Sharman says: Reply

    Benjamin bunny

  55. Cassandra Mayers says: Reply

    Benjamin Bunny, He is so cute!

  56. peter rabbit, we love his cheekiness

  57. mrs tiggywinkle

  58. Matt Froggatt says: Reply

    It’s got to be Squirrel Nutkins!

  59. Susie Wilkinson says: Reply

    Mrs Tiggy-Winkle has always been my favourite

  60. Squirrel Nutkins because of his personality!

  61. We love mrs tiggy winkle because of the way she bustles people

  62. Although he’s not really Peter’s friend, I like Mr McGregor because we all know someone just like him.

  63. Grandsons is Squirrel Nutkins because we see loads of them in the park near home and he thinks its Nutkins himself

  64. peter rabbit he is cheeky but lovable!

  65. We love the cute Benjamin bunny, hes lovely!

  66. cotton tail is a cutie x

  67. Rachel Butterworth says: Reply

    Benjamin Bunny is so sweet.

  68. Rebecca mercer says: Reply

    Jemima puddleduck she’s really sweet and funny and a bit ditsy

  69. peter rabbit he is so adorable

  70. Mrs tiggywinkle, I’ve always loved ‘hodgehegs’!

  71. Emma Rawlinson says: Reply

    Jemima Puddleduck because we like her outfit 🙂

  72. Benjamin because he makes us laugh x

  73. Cheeky Peter Rabbit enough said!!!!

  74. michelle o'neill says: Reply

    Mrs Tiggywinkle , love hedgehogs x

  75. Mrs Tiggy-Winkle as hedgehogs are just so cute

  76. Benjamin Bunny

  77. We love Peter, so brave x

  78. We love Peter himself

  79. Cotton Tail – my little boy likes!

  80. Heather Morrison says: Reply

    Jemima Puddleduck… my son doesn’t favourite and who am I to disagree with the 4 year old kind of the house!

  81. Shalene Hodder says: Reply

    I like Jeremy Fisher

  82. Victoria Prince says: Reply

    Mine is Jemima Puddle-Duck because she’s so kind 🙂

  83. my daughter loves mrs tiggywinkle because she thinks hedgehogs are really cute

  84. rebecca austin says: Reply

    We like Benjamin bunny – he is so sweet and cute

  85. Benjamin bunny, he’s the cutest!

  86. Mrs Tiggywinkle SO ADORABLE

  87. Emma Whittaker says: Reply

    I love Hedgehogs so my favorite is Mrs Tiggywinkle 🙂

  88. Lisa Christopher says: Reply

    Lily as it the same as my daughter

  89. Peter Rabbit – I like his mischievous character!

  90. Benjamin Bunny – he is so cute and lovable

  91. charlie brunton says: Reply

    I love Squirrel Nutkin because he makes me laugh and hes so cute x

  92. Mr. Tod as im a old fox

  93. Mrs Tiggywinkle- I love the way her prickles come through her clothes!

  94. Peter Rabbit of course

  95. Dominique Clarke says: Reply

    Me and my daughter love Squirrel Nutkin!

  96. Nutkin because he is high energy like my Kids!

  97. Mrs Tiggywinkle sons favourite

  98. Peter Rabbit because he is the top man…or rabbit, funny, cheeky and mischievous!

  99. Mrs tiggiewinkle as I love hedgehogs

  100. The very cute Benjamin Bunny!

  101. Peter Rabbit as it brings back bedtime story memories

  102. love peter rabbit

  103. Benjamin Bunny is so cute my grandson just loves him would be a great gift for xmas.

  104. Mrs Tiggy-Winkle. I’ve always loved hedgehogs and I just love her demeanor.

  105. The hapless Mr McGregor is our favourite though I wouldn’t describe him as Peer Rabbit’s friend.

  106. Mrs Tiggie-Winkle

  107. Benjamin Bunny

  108. We love Mrs Tiggywinkle because hedgehogs are the best.

  109. Brilliant my son loves Peter Rabbit xx

  110. Mrs Tiggywinkle is a favourite in our house

  111. Peter rabbit because he’s so clever

  112. Jamie C Millard says: Reply

    peter’s the best but benjamin is also pretty cool

  113. Mrs Tiggy-Winkle as I love hedgehogs!

  114. Sandra Foreman says: Reply

    Mrs Tiggywinkle

  115. Mrs Tiggywinkle because she’s a hedgehog!

  116. Benjamin bunny has always been my fave!

  117. Peter Rabbit is my favourite

  118. Squirrel Nutkin

  119. I’ve always loved Peter Rabbit 🙂

  120. Benjamin Bunny – he’s the naughty one!

  121. Laura Harrison says: Reply

    Benjamin Bunny as he is cool (also my boyfriend is also called Benjamin) xx

  122. Our favourite is Benjamin Bunny

  123. We love Mrs Tiggywinkle because my daughter’s favourite animal is a hedgehog and because she is always doing the washing – just like me!

  124. Squirrel nutkin ! Full of mischief!

  125. My daughter and I love Lily Bobtail

  126. We love squirrel nutkin! So cheeky and full of naughtiness

  127. squirrel nutkin is my fav as he is very cheeky and mischievious

  128. squirrel nutkin! full or fun and cheekiness

  129. Petter rabbit is my sons fave

  130. Peter Rabbit as he is adventurous and a little naughty

  131. Jemima Puddleduck, because I have loved her since I was little!

  132. Benjamin Bunny, he’s so darn cute x

  133. Jennifer Slapp says: Reply

    Peter because he is so cheeky!

  134. Ruth Liddle-Howden says: Reply

    Benjamin Bunny is adorable

  135. i love hedgehogs so i love mrs tiggywinkle 🙂

  136. Samantha Buntain says: Reply

    Benjamin because he’s so cute

  137. my daughter likes Benjamin x

  138. Rosemary Vincent says: Reply


  139. Squirrel Nutkin. V mischievous.

  140. Squirrel Nutkin He is fun

  141. Allan Fullarton says: Reply

    we like Peter Rabbit, the leader of the gang!

  142. Peter rabbit! He always has a fly upon his noes!!

  143. Pauline Burroughs says: Reply

    Peter Rabbit just because he’s such a lovely character

  144. Jemima puddle duck

  145. Benjamin Bunny

  146. My little girls favourite is Benjamin Bunny because he’s funny

  147. Joanna Kasznicki says: Reply

    Squirrel nutkin is great

  148. Peter Rabbit our hero !!!

  149. Benjamin Bunny

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