Win Fireman Sam: Happy Birthday Sam! On DVD

If you have a Fireman Sam fan in the house you will be excited to hear that there is a new DVD collection. “Fireman Sam – Sam’s Birthday”, released by Abbey Home Media on Monday 3rd April.


Middle man was a massive Fireman Sam fan when he was little. I had to make him a “Fam” birthday cake when he was 2, and even when he was older he was excited to see him at Butlin’s. So if you have your own little fan then this DVD might make a good and less chocolaty Easter gift.

Fireman Sam lives in the Welsh town of Pontypandy, where he helps with fighting fires, manning the lifeboat, helping the mountain rescue, or joining up with the emergency medical services. A true hero!

In this new DVD release it’s Fireman Sam’s birthday and Charlie has asked Joe to make Sam a remote control model of Jupiter as a surprise present. At the Fire Station, Station Officer Steele has told Sam, as it’s his birthday, he should relax for the day. However, will the birthday party go ahead as planned for everyone’s favourite hero next door?

Also included in the DVD are the episodes: Pontypandy in the Park; Paddle On; The Great Party Panic and Pizza Pandemonium. 

I am pleased to be able to offer a giveaway to give one of my readers the chance to win Fireman Sam: Sam’s Birthday on DVD. Just complete the Gleam entry below. Good Luck!

Fireman Sam DVD

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128 Replies to “Win Fireman Sam: Happy Birthday Sam! On DVD”

  1. Lara Latchem says: Reply

    Lemon drizzle cake is my favourite

    1. Ah the correct questions hadn’t saved – don’t worry your entries will be counted x

  2. sam 😀

  3. Susie Wilkinson says: Reply

    Our favourite is Fireman Sam, because he is a hero!

  4. Fireman Sam – who can resist a fireman!? A man in uniform!?

  5. fireman sam himself,we need him

  6. Dilys Price as she looks like my mom

  7. Sam because he is so brave

  8. norman price he’s funny and a disaster

  9. Andrea Fletcher says: Reply

    I like Bella Lasagne, she knows all the gossip.

  10. Penny, she’s a good role model, and a lovely person

  11. Toni Pearson says: Reply

    Norman, because he is always getting himself into mischief.

  12. Michelle Ferguson says: Reply

    Has to be Fireman Sam as he is the hero

  13. we like Norman beacuse he is so mischeivious

  14. Lorna Ledger says: Reply

    Penny she keeps everyone in check x

  15. Joanne Hutchings says: Reply

    I like Penny she’s kind and always calm in an emergency.

  16. Tony Metcalfe says: Reply

    Fireman Sam, because all firemen are heroes.

  17. Katie Skeoch says: Reply

    Sam! We love all his adventures and his theme tune

  18. Fireman Sam because he’s a hero.

  19. Victoria Prince says: Reply

    Dilys Price because she keeps the shop running and I’ve just always liked her!

  20. We love Fireman Sam because you have to love a hero

  21. Margaret gallagher says: Reply

    Love fireman Sam himself as he always knows the right thing to do

  22. My daughter likes Norman Price because of all the naughty things he does!

  23. Angela Treadway says: Reply

    norman because he is always getting in trouble with his mum lol x

  24. Rachel Craig says: Reply

    Fireman Sam. Sam is a name relevant to our family. We had a Sam ( though not a Fireman, we love him. Unfortunately he died a few years ago). We have other Sams :- One being a pet dog. Others friends of the family etc ( Samuel, Sam, Sammy etc have been used to differentiate between the various Sams). Know several children who love Fireman Sam.

  25. Chris Andrews says: Reply

    Who is your favourite character from Fireman Sam and why? . . . . . Sam Tan so brave and strong and . . . . Welsh

  26. Lynsey Buchanan says: Reply

    Fireman Sam is a true gentleman.

  27. Harline parkin says: Reply

    The hilarious Norman price he’s a bit like me

  28. Sirley Young says: Reply

    Penny, shes a good female role model

  29. Lorraine Stone says: Reply

    Fireman Sam, he is the star of the show.

  30. kelly morgan says: Reply

    fireman sam as he is the best character

  31. Norman Price

  32. Christine Lockley says: Reply

    Norman – he’ always up to mischief


  34. Christina Palmer says: Reply

    Norman Price because he is always getting into trouble

  35. Nicola clarkson says: Reply

    Elvis I love his accent and he is so clumsy

  36. Lynit Bennett says: Reply

    Fireman Sam without a doubt! Hes a true gent! X

  37. Sally Collingwood says: Reply

    Love Sam, he’s the man!

  38. Fireman Sam – he is the best!

  39. Fireman Sam as he is a brave Fireman.

  40. It has to be fireman Sam to the rescue!

  41. Penny Morris…leading the way for female firefighters 🙂 – she’s also the sensible one (now there’s a surprise)

  42. Sharon Worsley says: Reply

    Fireman Sam

  43. stuart hargreaves says: Reply

    NORMAN because he’s a naughty boy

  44. Nicola Marshall says: Reply

    Norman price he’s funny.

  45. Sam because he is a fab fireman

  46. bella lasagne

  47. Nurse flood she has so much patience

  48. Ruth Harwood says: Reply

    Fireman sam because my son now wants to be a fireman!!

  49. maureen findley says: Reply

    fireman sam is my fave

  50. Norman Price because hes a bit of a mischief!

  51. Claire Woods says: Reply

    Fireman Sam because he’s the hero and my son is called Sam!

  52. ADEINNE TONNER says: Reply

    Norman Price as he reminds me of myself when i was a child always making trouble

  53. Claire Elizabeth Noke says: Reply

    Naughty Norman … because PontyPandy would be very boring without him ! LOL xx

  54. leanne weir says: Reply

    I like Sam as he is a good guy

  55. Mark Bradbury says: Reply

    Fireman Sam because he is so brave and always the hero.

  56. Natalie Crossan says: Reply

    Sam – he is the hero next door after all!

  57. Natalie Crossan says: Reply

    Sam – he is the hero next door after all!

  58. leigh boyle says: Reply

    my little boy met norman at butlins and now loves him! x

  59. Lynne OConnor says: Reply

    Norman Price – he has this amazing ability to get into trouble but despite his tough guy attitude he really loves his mum

  60. Rachel Butterworth says: Reply

    Elvis, he’s a great singer.

  61. laura scott says: Reply

    sam 🙂

  62. Angie McDonald says: Reply

    I always loved Elvis as he used to make me laugh!

  63. I know it’s obvious but our toddler likes fireman sam himself!

  64. fireman sam, hes my sons favourite

  65. Natalie Turner says: Reply

    Fireman Sam, he is the hero 🙂

  66. It has to be Fireman Sam. My niece loves him.

  67. Shalene Hodder says: Reply

    The kids love Sam but I love Bella Lasagne, because it is such a brilliant name 🙂

  68. Fireman Sam, it’s our little boys favourite. We even named our Hamster Sam after Fireman Sam.

  69. michelle o'neill says: Reply

    Fireman Sam

  70. Gillian Holmes says: Reply

    Fireman Sam, because he is a hero.

  71. MANDY DOHERTY says: Reply

    My grandson says his favourite is Fireman Sam because he always helps everyone and is kind

  72. I like Penny

  73. Elvis – He’s a right idiot!

  74. Jo Hutchinson says: Reply

    Our hero Fireman Sam

  75. Stephen Little says: Reply

    Fireman Sam – he’s the main man!

  76. Fireman Sam as all respect to our firefighters and he is a good teacher for kids to do good in the world!

  77. ELZBIETA ZNYK says: Reply

    Norman Price, It’s never boring with him!

  78. Elvis

  79. Sam because he’s a real hero!

  80. Fireman Sam because he’s the her next door!

  81. Lizzie Sparkes the vet is our favourite after Sam because she helps animals.

  82. Fireman Sam as he is classic !

  83. Jamie Millard says: Reply

    why Sam of course. He’s the ultimate hero next door.

  84. Sandra Foreman says: Reply

    Fireman Sam

  85. Fireman Sam….because he’s a hero x

  86. Andrew Hindley says: Reply

    Our favourite is Fireman Sam because he’s everyone’s hero

  87. Norman, he gets into trouble and never gets grounded, why

  88. Fireman Sam, because he’s the Hero x
    christine taylor recently posted…#SilentSunday 23/04/2017My Profile

  89. Fireman Sam himself is my favourite character- he’s a hero

  90. Naughty Norman – love him, as he is the naughty one.

  91. paula cheadle says: Reply

    we love Sam himself, he always saves the day

  92. Norman, he’s so comical

  93. Norman because he is so funny & anaughty

  94. Lisa Houston says: Reply

    Has to be sam hes a hero isnt he

  95. Sam and Penny

  96. Amanda Jayne Davis says: Reply

    Norman Price because he’s such a mischievous lad

  97. Angela Kelly says: Reply

    I like Norman, he always manages to cause a calamity.

  98. Allan Fullarton says: Reply

    Love Sam, he’s the hero!

  99. Norman. He is funny.

  100. claire little says: Reply

    Norman he’s always up to something.

  101. Fireman Sam because he’s the hero!

  102. Brenda Wilkes says: Reply

    Fireman Sam cos my (god)son wants to be a fireman when he grows up.

  103. Joanna Phillimore says: Reply

    Fireman Sam – he is the man!

  104. Norman Price , so funny

  105. Norman Price and his cousin – as they are always getting into mischief 🙂

  106. Esme mccrubb says: Reply

    Sam is our favourite

  107. My daughter loves Penny Morris! She loves seeing her drive Venus and Neptune. My daughter likes her becomes she is very kind and always helps people/

  108. Lara Latchem says: Reply

    Norman price is my son’s favourite

  109. My son would love this

  110. We love Elvis, he can be a bit silly at times.

  111. norman hes funny

  112. natalee gosiewski says: Reply

    Penny she is the female firefighter

  113. Fellina Judson says: Reply

    My son is totally obsessed with fireman Sam these days it came out of the blue would be fab for his birthday

  114. Fire man Sam is our favourite as he is brave and kind.

  115. Victoria Deacon says: Reply

    Love fireman sam¡

  116. Clare Hubbard says: Reply

    Penny watches out for everyone

  117. Yvonne Wilkinson says: Reply

    My grandson loves naughty Norman

  118. Kyomi Johnson says: Reply

    Norman he’s so funny

  119. My little boy loves sam:)

  120. Rebecca mercer says: Reply

    Elvis I love his singing

  121. Laura Ireland says: Reply

    Naughty Norman…. reminds me of a boy I went to school with.

  122. Rachael O'Brien says: Reply

    My son loves fireman Sam ! Aka “nee naw” he is 20 months . Thankyou for this chance xx

  123. Norman price he’s always getting into mischief

  124. Bella is my favourite

  125. Natalie Newham says: Reply

    Fireman Sam, himself!

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