Win Blaze And The Monster Machines: Rev Up and Roar

Would you like to win Blaze and the Monster Machines: Rev Up and Roar to help keep your little traveler entertained on your next trip? Well just enter this great giveaway and your little one can be entertained for 87 minutes on your next long car journey! Or if they are anything like my boys they will put it on repeat and it will be much longer.

Blaze and the monster machines dvd

My boys loved Blaze and the Monster Machines when they were younger, infact middle man and little man will still happily watch it now. The new DVD contains  four wild episodes of Blaze and the Monster Machines and is released on Monday 7th November. With Christmas coming up, it will make the perfect stocking filler for any Blaze fan.

So what is in store in this Blaze and the Monster Machines DVD?

Blaze knows everything about science, technology, engineering and maths he once again saves the day whilst he and AJ are playing with their friend Zeg. He accidentally gets blasted by a geyser into a faraway mud pit. It’s up to Blaze and AJ to save Zeg using an engineering design inspired by their new dinosaur truck friends to rescue him before he sinks into the mud. Blaze to the rescue!

 You can pre-order your copy of Blaze and the Monster Machines: Rev Up and Roar from Amazon.

I am also delighted to be able to offer one of my readers the chance to win a copy of the DVD. Just complete the Gleam entry below. Good Luck!

Blaze and the Monster Machines DVD

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  1. Catherine McAlinden says: Reply


  2. Kim Styles says: Reply

    furby is the chosen toy this year!

  3. iain maciver says: Reply


  4. Aaron Broad says: Reply

    Lego as normal ha

  5. Tony Metcalfe says: Reply

    He’d like anything to do with Thunderbirds.

  6. abigail edkins says: Reply

    lillie pops wants the little tikes petrol pump to go with her car

  7. caroline walliss says: Reply

    Star Wars The Force Awakens 6 Figurine Playset, thanks.x

  8. Lauren Tourle says: Reply

    My fairy garden 🙂

  9. Angela Treadway says: Reply

    teksta x

  10. Laura Banks says: Reply

    ps4 games

  11. Graham Ross says: Reply


  12. Lynn Heath says: Reply

    My son wants a batman car that he can drive….

  13. Lyndsey says: Reply

    shopkins things

  14. Matt McAndrew says: Reply

    Those peculiar Hatchems things!

  15. Jo Hutchinson says: Reply


  16. Christine Lockley says: Reply

    The eldest want a bike, the twins (a boy and a girl) want cars and Frozen

  17. Patricia Fraser says: Reply

    My daughter would like a Hatchimal & my son is looking for a Paw Patrol Air Patroller.

  18. laura stewart says: Reply

    baby doll reborn

  19. Adrian Crook says: Reply

    Hatchimals, what else!!!

  20. Kristy Brown says: Reply

    I’m not sure this year – although my nieces and nephews have given me some cracking lists

  21. Susie Wilkinson says: Reply

    A pony, again! (and again, she won’t be finding one in her stocking!)

  22. Emma Rawlinson says: Reply

    A fairy 😉

  23. Keith Hunt says: Reply


  24. It has to be a Furby!

  25. Jen Schofield says: Reply


  26. Ruth Harwood says: Reply

    A furby xx

  27. Ray Dodds says: Reply

    Furry for my granddaughter

  28. claire woods says: Reply

    New Furbie

  29. Alice Dixon says: Reply

    Track master Thimas

  30. Lisa Houston says: Reply

    paw patrol

  31. Leanne Newsome says: Reply

    A furby connect

  32. leigh boyle says: Reply

    my 3 year old has asked for a motorbike a real one hahaha

  33. hannah Igoe says: Reply

    Hotwheels is the wanted!

  34. Tracy Newton says: Reply

    Optimus prime and all the other transformers

  35. Sarah Rees says: Reply

    My boy wants lego star wars

  36. Bryony Marshall says: Reply

    paw patrol

  37. Solange says: Reply

    Furby Connect

  38. leanne weir says: Reply

    A kidizoom camera

  39. Kellie Steed says: Reply

    He wants dinosaurs, Lego and a Hatchimal. I’ll just sell some organs to get the last one I guess. Lol

  40. Michaela Hannah says: Reply


  41. Joanna Coleshill says: Reply

    Anything Lego, he loves it!

  42. Jo Carroll says: Reply

    I’m thinking his first Remote Control Car but as always he’ll just end up playing with the box it came in 😉

  43. Sarah Lee says: Reply

    Definitely Lego

  44. Stevie says: Reply

    My 6 year old niece has decided that she would like a Baby Alive this year.

  45. Stephanie Tsang says: Reply

    My daughter wants some Sylvanian Families stuff.

  46. JULIE WARD says: Reply

    Grandson 1 = xbox (not from me), Grandson 2 scooby doo lego (another not from me). I’m not bank of grandma

  47. michelle o'neill says: Reply

    Hatchimal x

  48. NATALIE CROSSAN says: Reply

    hatchimal x

  49. Claire Elizabeth Noke says: Reply

    make up for eldest. batman for middle, num noms for youngest x

  50. amy bondoc says: Reply

    daughter wants a hatchinal

  51. Kate Davies says: Reply

    A Furby and Blaze track set.

  52. Angie McDonald says: Reply

    An MC2 Experiement Doll!

  53. Sam Goodwin says: Reply

    They’ve asked for a nintendo ds this year so that they can play Tomodatchi Life like DanTDM does on youtube 🙂

  54. Lynsey Buchanan says: Reply

    A POGO Stick

  55. MANDY DOHERTY says: Reply

    Anything related to Paw Patro

  56. Shalene Hodder says: Reply


  57. ragan bennett says: Reply

    Hotwheels Garage

  58. Kat Allinson says: Reply

    The Paw Patroller

  59. Clare Hubbard says: Reply

    My son is desperate for anything Thomas!

  60. My grandchildren want DS games

  61. Laura Nice says: Reply


  62. janine atkin says: Reply

    anything star wars

  63. rebecca austin says: Reply


  64. Sheri Darby says: Reply

    Anything to do with Thomas the Tank Engine

  65. Rachel Butterworth says: Reply

    Batman Gotham City Jail.

  66. Julie Barrett says: Reply


  67. Richard Tyler says: Reply

    A scooter!

  68. Keith Hunt says: Reply

    disney lego castle

  69. Kirsteen Mackay says: Reply

    Sylvanian Families Beechwood Hall

  70. Katie W says: Reply

    any thing to do with Peppa Pig

  71. A.E. ADKINS says: Reply

    The boys want bikes, Lego & new football strip

  72. Vickie Jackson says: Reply

    The Zoomer Chimp is the I want toy this year!

  73. jo liddement says: Reply

    My son says he would love anything to do with dinosaurs or Star Wars so this leaves lots of options open to me

  74. steph lovatt says: Reply

    Paw patrol

  75. Susan B says: Reply

    The children keep changing their minds but Lego and Trolls are appearing fairly consistently.

  76. Lego City Volcano set

  77. Stacey Schofield says: Reply

    Lego again this year

  78. Annette Oliver says: Reply

    Anything to do with Trolls

  79. Elspeth MacMillan says: Reply

    Lego 😀

  80. Lisa Wilkinson says: Reply

    A red car she can drive herself to the park in when I say we can’t go

  81. Heather Morrison says: Reply

    Top of my little man’s christmas list is “a batman” good job the elves have been busy!

  82. Adrian Bold says: Reply

    Lego and other building toy sets.

  83. Baby Annabel 🙂
    Jess Powell (Babi a Fi) recently posted…Desert Island DiscsMy Profile

  84. claire little says: Reply

    Lego sets

  85. Danielle Graves says: Reply

    Jake’s not really specified one toy he wants, he’s interested in ninja turtles, super heroes, blaze and scooby so something from those probably x

  86. Diana says: Reply

    Rapunzel doll 🙂

  87. Addie Roe says: Reply

    Anything Belle Belle (Her name for every Disney Princess) or a fast car. It is her 2nd Christmas and Birthday, so she is very excited.

  88. Carly Belsey says: Reply

    My son wants wrestling figures and my daugher wants anything and everything girly and princessy (Frozen mainly!)

  89. Julie Taylor says: Reply

    Minecraft lego

  90. Vtech Kidizoom Duo camera. Can’t wait to see his face on Christmas day when he sees it!
    Rebecca Phillips recently posted…Planting Miffy Tulips for SpringMy Profile

  91. Rebecca Cusick says: Reply

    The Paw Patrol Air Patroller

  92. Jamie C Millard says: Reply

    a hatchimal

  93. Dale Dow says: Reply

    my youngest reckons he is getting a drum kit! Obviously my head (and most likely my neighbours) say no!

  94. Gemma Cook says: Reply

    Starwars Lego

    Our little boy would love this DVD.
    Thank you for running such a generous giveaway!

  95. Jelly Fun!

  96. Kyomi Johnson says: Reply

    Anything cars and a furby

  97. Lia Burns says: Reply

    My son wants the dreaded hatchimal

  98. Jenny Prest says: Reply

    He really wants Hungry Hippos, a fave of mine when i was young!

  99. kelly morgan says: Reply


  100. Joanna Kasznicki says: Reply

    He wants some lego

  101. Denise C says: Reply

    The new Furby

  102. Emma Fox says: Reply

    Bunchems – no idea what they are!!!

  103. Laura Findlay says: Reply

    A Hatchimal x

  104. Kay Broomfield says: Reply

    Pokemon everything!

  105. Laura Harrison says: Reply

    Anything to do with Lego xx

  106. paula cheadle says: Reply

    Hatchimals and furby’s

  107. H wants a paw patrol helicopter/plane thing – I am not 100% sure what it is lol but she wants it

  108. Pauline Black says: Reply

    The engines from the new Thomas film!

  109. My son wants a Transfomer, my daughter wants Baby Annabells bedroom.
    Robyn Clarke recently posted…Enjoying the Outdoors – A muddy #WalkWithWynsorsMy Profile

  110. Beverley Evans says: Reply

    Great prize for my Grandchildren

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