Choosing A Holiday With Eurocamp


When Eurocamp asked if we would like to review one of their self catering holidays this year, we jumped at the chance. As a child we took a holiday every year with them from the ages of 5-17. I have the best memories. My Dad believed that they were head and shoulders above their competitors and I think he was right. So no big deal Eurocamp, you have a lot to live up to!

So the first thing to decide was when and where. When is kind of easy for us as we are restricted to the school holidays. Where was slightly harder. I know a popular parc is La Croix du Vieux Pont Campsite due to it’s proximity to Disneyland Paris. I have also heard good things about Duinrell in Holland with a theme parc in it’s grounds. After reading about La Garangeoire in Vendee and their wine tasting,that was on my list too. However, if we were to book a self catering holiday these are the places that we would usually consider. We decided we wanted to do something that we wouldn’t usually do.

After a lot of research we decided on Italy. We have always driven on a self catering holiday like this. With young kids, that is one of the great things. You can take pretty much everything you need with you in the car. However, now that the boys are a bit bigger, we have more freedom. As we are going for a week, we decided booking flights and car hire would enable us to enjoy our holiday best. We decided on Punta Sabbioni at Marina di Venezia. The facilities for the boys look amazing! When I was young all I really wanted to do on holiday was play in the swimming pool from morning until night. My boys are much the same. At Marina di Venezia there are a variety of pools to suit everyone. It also has direct beach access. It is near Venice so we are going to take a trip with the boys. I am sure they can cope with one day of sight seeing! In the next few months I hope to convince little man that the gondola’s are not called canoes.

As I said I have high hopes. We did visit Italy once with my parents when I was a teenager. Again with Eurocamp and along the Italian Riviera at Albenga. The thing that stood out for me most about that holiday was the food. The best ravioli I have ever eaten. The biggest thin crust pizzas. Profiteroles filled with chocolate mousse. So I am hoping this holiday will be a foodie treat for all the family too!

Have you visited this part of Italy? Do you have any recommendations of things to do?



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