Wildlife in Costa Rica

howler monkey sleeping

When people ask me where is the best place we have visited, the answer for is easy. Hands down it is Costa Rica due to the most amazing wildlife we saw.

Each region we visited gave us something different. We started in Arenal. Home of this magnificent volcano, reaching up into the clouds.

Arenal volcano in costa rica

And also of these teeny tiny poison dart frogs. It was our first experience of a rainforest and without a guide we would have just seen leaves.

Monteverde Cloud Forest was out next stop. There were less animals there, but lots of plants. From Strangler trees to hot lips. However, hummingbirds were everywhere. catching them in a picture was harder. By the time you had your camera out they had moved on. With the help of a telescope we captured this one in its nest.

hummingbird in its nest

Finally we visited Manuel Antonio National Park. Teaming with wildlife, and not all did you have to look for. With the help of our guide we saw these tiny little bats.

bats in rainforest

However, on the beach the animals were a little braver. Visitors were warned that raccoons and monkeys would steal their food and they were not wrong!


But may favourite of all was this Sloth.

sloth in costa rica

Now sloths are supposedly solitary creatures who only venture down from the trees every 11 days to do their business. Well this one was loving the limelight. He slowly climbed down the branches of the tree. Then whilst tourists too photographs and selfies, he hung there. Almost posing.

sloth posing for photos


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