Packing List For Costa Rica: Rainforest Clothing

packing list costa rica rainforest

What clothing do you need for a rainforest? What on earth should I pack for our vacation in Costa Rica in August in rainy season? These were the main things concerning me before we took our family to Costa Rica this August. I wasn’t worried about not being able to be able to speak Spanish, how middle man would cope with having the travel vaccinations, or if there would be anything the children would eat. I just had no idea what kind of clothes we would need. I therefore thought it would be a good idea to talk about what we found useful and provide a packing list, if you are planning a trip to Costa Rica yourself.

Here’s a little You Tube video I have made of some of the must haves on our packing list that you can watch, or if you prefer, have a read below.

First of all I would like to stress that if you are going on a family vacation then you aren’t going to need any hardcore back packing equipment. A lot of packing lists I found were from backpackers. If you are having a family holiday, take the same things you usually would to go on holiday. You need to relax with some days at the beach and pool. These extras are just needed for any rain-forest tours and to manage the downpours.

  • A lightweight waterproof jacket. We were really lucky in that Blacks offered us waterpoof jackets to review. If you purchase a good quality lightweight jacket you will also find yourself wearing it at home. You need it to be able to fold up small so that it can fit in a backpack and be properly waterproof. Shower proof wont cut it in Costa Rica.
  • A good pair of waterproof hiking boots or shoes. I chose waterproof ones from decathlon and again have used them at home.
  • Light weight zip off trousers. Personally I preferred wearing long trousers on rainforest walks to stop me getting bitten. These dry easily and can be made into shorts as you wish.
  • Gym tops. All these lists talk about “wicking.” Basically you want to wear your gym tops as they will take the sweat away and also dry quickly if wet.
  • Smart phone. We chose not to take our DSLR and I am glad we didn’t. You need super zoom lenses to get pictures of animals in the trees. Theses pictures are taken with a smart phone over a telescope.  I took a small waterproof bag to keep my smartphone in incase it rained. We also took our compact camera with us.

howler monkey sleeping

bats in rainforest

  • Money. You will need a mix of colons and dollars. Tourist resorts will price everything in dollars. You should get a marginally better price paying in colons.
  • Sun cream, insect repellent, travel sickness tablets.
  • A waterproof rucksack or a waterproof cover for your rucksack. We used the latter and was handy to have.
  • Travel wash. Just handy to have so you can wash clothes through if you need to.
  • Microfibre towels. These are handy if you are going to the beach as they fold up really small.

Ok I think I have covered everything there, if you have any queries please leave a comment below and I will try my best to help. More than anything, have a great time in Costa Rica. We loved it.

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