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Ecocentro Danus Rainforest Reserve was the first of our three rainforest tours in Costa Rica. As each region we visited in Costa Rica had a different climate it was well worth seeing each area as the plants and animals varied.

One of main main concerns about taking our children to the rainforests was that it would be too hot and humid. However, all the tours we did started early (this was a 7 am pick up) and therefore were finished by the midday heat. We felt that the Ecocentro Danus tour was great for families with young children as it was a short drive from Arenal and there were flat paths to follow.

rainforest flower

This rainforest reserve is perfect for families with young children. We had our own guide and could go at our own pace. The only downside compared to the other rainforest tours we did was that we didn’t have a telescope. The guide, however, did have some fantastic binoculars meaning I got to see a glimpse of a Toucan.

The reserve was filled with tiny little poison dart frogs which was a highlight for me. After the boys had watched so much Deadly 60 I was really hoping to see these and this was the only area that we saw them. Little man was great at spotting these tiny little red frogs. He was also good at reminding me not to lick them!

posion dart frog ecocentro danus

The reserve has a special netted butterfly area, where you could get up close to the beautiful butterflies. This really demonstrated the power of insect repellent too as they would not land on any region that had been sprayed!

butterflies at ecocentro danus

In the lake big man managed to spot a caiman before our guide. The reflection and leaves really camouflage this little fella!

caimenWe got to see a massive colony of leaf cutter ants and it is absolutely mesmerizing watching them. Here they are getting rid of their waste.

leaf cutter ants

Big man and I also had a go at I’m a celebrity style eating of termites. Apparently if you are ever stuck in a rainforest this is what you need to look out for to eat. I can’t say I was a massive fan.


This was also our first glance of a three toed sloth. A tear came to my eye as he looked down at us and I am pleased to say that we got to see many more of these amazing creatures on our travels.

There is a small gift shop on site at Ecocentro Danus which is reasonably priced (unfortunately we found this out with hindsight!)

Our trip lasted about 2 hours and this was perfect for small children and also meant we were back to the hotel pool by lunch.

As with any rainforest tour in Costa Rica, a guide is essential for you to get the most out of your visit.

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Ecocentro Danus Rainforest Reserve Costa Rica

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8 Replies to “Ecocentro Danus Rainforest Reserve La Fortuna”

  1. What an amazing experience. Those frogs look so different to frogs here and the ants give me the creeps and fascinate me all at the same time! Well done on your termite tasting too. I visited Tesco years ago as a buyer for Tesco and was overcome with the beauty of the country. I remember eating supper at the base of a live volcano too that erupted lava every 10 minutes. It really is a fascinating country, I’d love to go back one day. Oh and they grow great pineapple and mango too which was why I was there!

    Thank you for sharing a wonderful adventure with me on #CountryKids
    Coombe Mill recently posted…Preschool enjoyment for our Indian SummerMy Profile

    1. They sure do – our volcano wasn’t spurting anything thankfully!

  2. What an amazing experience. Love that your son had to remind you not to lick frogs. As you do! #CountryKids
    Cheryl | TimeToCraft recently posted…Machrie Moor Stone CirclesMy Profile

    1. Yes, because it would certainly be the first thing I thought of doing to a frog hey?

  3. Wow, it looks amazing! I can’t even think about tasting a termite – you are much braver than I am!
    Jennifer recently posted…Review – Aquabeads 3D Animal SetMy Profile

  4. Aww what an amazing experience. I always thought that rainforest is cooler than normal tropical forest. I love that ponk flower. So gorgeous! #countrykids
    Merlinda Little (Glimmer of Hope) recently posted…How I Celebrated My Birthday With Just £5My Profile

  5. What an amazing experience and love all the different animals and insects that you got to see. I’m not sure I would have been brave enough to try eating termites though! 🙂 #countrykids
    Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) recently posted…Review – Real Baking Cake Pops kitMy Profile

  6. Wow what an amazing experience! You are braver than me though – I don’t think I could go somewhere with those ants or those frogs, even to see the amazing animals you did! #countrykids

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