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I am not kidding when I say that I know Legoland Windsor better than the back of my hand. Here is my ultimate guide to Legoland to ensure you have a great visit.

1.Arrive early. The park opens at 10, but on a busy day if you aim to get there for opening then you will start queuing just to park. I would aim for 9.30, possibly earlier of you need to but tickets at the gate. They will let you into The Beginning area where you can browse in the shops until the park opens.

2. If you can go in term time then do. Although it can get busy with school trips in the run up to the summer holiday. The beginning of the summer holiday is much quieter than then end, which is worth bearing in mind.

3. Download the Legoland app for queue times and show times.

4. Generally these rides have the longest queue times:

Laser Raiders, Pirate Falls, Viking River Splash, Squid Surfer, Boating School and new for 2017 Ninjago

If you are keen to do any of these make it your first ride. Personally I head to Laser Raiders first as it is often walk on first thing but over an hours wait after lunch.

5. If you are wanting something other than chips to eat, then at busy times you can eat in the hotel, and the skyline bar serves a nice range. Bringing a picnic is also a great idea.

6. Make use of the shows. Little ones will soon tire of the queues and there are a number of shows to watch. The puppet shows are fun as is the pirate stunt show. Whilst it is not my cup of tea, there is a Heartlake City show that may be of interest.


7. Make use of the playgrounds. There are two great playgrounds. One in Duplo Valley for younger children and one in Pirate area for older ones.

8. Take swim clothes and towels on a hot day. There is a fantastic splash area in Duplo Valley where the kids can cool down and have fun.

9. Look out for Kids Eat Free (with a paying adult) offers – these are usually late in the day, but could mean you don’t need to stop at a service station on the way home. They are also less common at peak times, but worth checking

10. On a busy day, there will be long queues to get out of the car park. Either leave a bit earlier or stay later if you can.

11. Know your children’s heights. You can get a wristband from Guest Services if your child is only just the .90m or 1.0m. This saves them getting measured at every ride.

12. Know your ride ratios. Most rides require one adult to one child under 1.3m If they are 1.3m they can ride alone but they can’t take on a smaller child. It is worth having a look at the park guidelines before you go.

13. Know where the toilets are. The park is quite spread out so knowing the nearest is a good idea with young children.

14. You can make purchases in the park and ask to collect from The Big Shop on the way out, so this saves you carry it around the park/

15. The best rides for older children are:

Mia’s Riding Adventure, Pirate Falls, Pirate Playground, The Dragon Rollercaoster, The Jolly Rocker, Viking River Splash, Squid Surfer

16. The best rides for everyone to enjoy are:

Altantis, Laiser Raiders, The Lego 4D Movie (beware the Nexo Knights one is quite scary for little ones) miniland, The Pirates of Skeleton Bay stunt show.

17. Look out for deals. There are often deals on tickets on the back of Kelloggs packs. If you book online you will get a discount. Tesco Clubcard deals are great too.

18. If you are staying over the Legoland Hotel is great but is pricey in peak season. Look out for hotel deals in Staines, Windsor and Bracknell as they are all within a 20 minute drive.

explorers room legoland hotel


19. Do the park in reverse. Head down the hill first and work your way back up. If you know your way around then Star Wars miniland is usually pretty quiet at lunchtime.

20. Whilst I have never used them, if you want a q bot then it is best to pre order them if it is busy. Yes they are expensive, but if it is your one visit to Legoland and you can only do it at peak times then it will make it a nicer experience with less queuing.

So there you go that is my ultimate guide. I hope it helps, and if I have forgotten anything (which I am sure I will have) let me know.


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37 Replies to “Ultimate Guide To Legoland”

  1. i think we did the ‘park in reverse’ tip when we last went as we headed for atlantis as that was the main new ride at the time and so we new it would be popular and it was so quiet when we got there. We were also lucky to have a huge downpour of rain for one of our visits which made everyone else seem to leave so there were hardly any queues! Great tip about laser raiders – i think we will head there first this time. x
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  2. Samantha O'D says: Reply

    Looks fun, we have always wanted to go

  3. Tee simpson says: Reply

    Havent been yet but love your tips on where to go ect

  4. Susan Smith says: Reply

    Havent been there yet, but hoping to go soon

  5. Anthony Harrington says: Reply

    looks fab! some great tips, very useful indeed

  6. Looks like a fun day out, will have to go and take the kids!

  7. fab guide, definately go with the park in reverse option!

  8. Hannah Ingham says: Reply

    I’ve always wanted to visit here, now I want to go even more!

  9. angela boucher says: Reply

    This guide is fantastic, we are planning our first trip to legoland with our 5 year old son and this will be so handy, thanks a lot.

  10. Legoland Windsor is great fun for the little’uns…been a few times now as it’s just down the road from me and the kids never lose interest or get bored.

  11. we have a range of ages in our family- I like places that entertain the teens as well as younger children – would Lego Land do this?

  12. Rachel Craig says: Reply

    Would love to visit Legoland. Thanks for the info.

  13. Michaela Hannah says: Reply

    This is defintely at the top of our list of places to visit, my sons are lego mad!

  14. Margaret Clarkson says: Reply

    A great guide, thank you.

  15. Jo Hutchinson says: Reply

    The height wrist band is a great idea.

  16. samantha mason says: Reply

    We want to visit this summer. Can’t wait

  17. Carly Belsey says: Reply

    I love Legoland, we go as a family every year either for the day or stay in the hotel for one night, the hotel is amazing 🙂

  18. MANDY DOHERTY says: Reply

    My grandson would love to go there, it looks absolutely amazing

  19. felicity williams says: Reply

    We would love to visit LEGOLAND with our children. Thank you very much for the information 😀

  20. Vickie Jackson says: Reply

    I love Legoland! I wish I could take my kids there all the time!

  21. It really is great fun

  22. My kids love Legoland as plenty to do. They especially like the water park section

  23. Laura Harrison says: Reply

    Never been but looks like good fun xx

  24. Rebecca Mercer says: Reply

    looks really good my kids would love it

  25. Victoria Prince says: Reply

    Brilliant advice! I had no idea there was an app that would show you queue times, what a fantastic idea

  26. This looks like a great day out.

  27. Never visited but will bear your tips in mind when we make it

  28. Joanna Kasznicki says: Reply

    Would love to be able t take my sons here one day

  29. Really want to take mine here once youngest is a bit bigger!

  30. I would love to take my daughter to Legoland as she is a massive Lego fan. The park looks amazing, it’s just such a shame that it’s so far away from us!

  31. Miss Tracy Hanson says: Reply

    A bit too far for us to go. But if it was nearer I could see it being a “regular” treat. 🙂 Looks like there’s plenty for children of all ages to be entertained.

  32. Ive never been but it looks great

  33. Pauline Burroughs says: Reply

    I haven’t been there for years. We used to love it and take our children when they were little but now my daughter’s got children of her own. I really must make the effort to go again, this time with my grandchildren

  34. I have never been but would really love to . It looks amazing

  35. Victoria Thurgood says: Reply

    i love legoland

  36. Michelle Cheeseman says: Reply

    Thanks for the tips! Will be planning a trip there in the near future! : )

  37. Crystal Williams says: Reply

    Waw looks so much fun 🙂 will have to take my son one day! x

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