Trampoline Parks: Camberley, High Wycombe And Slough

With half term nearly upon us, I thought I would do a quick round up of Trampoline parks we have visited recently. Trampoline parks are great for tweens and teens when soft play has become to young for them. If they can accommodate younger siblings too then all the better.

Camberley: Gravity Force

This is our nearest trampoline park and therefore most visited. It gets really busy and I wouldn’t even consider turning up without having pre booked online first at the weekend or school holidays.

It has a variety of trampolines, dodge ball, basket ball hoops and a large foam pit. Parents can sit in the centre to watch their children. Unfortunately though the cafe is to the front of the building so if you sit there you wont be able to see any younger children. My boys like it there and I used to take little man to the toddler sessions they had before he started school.

trampoline park

High Wycombe: Rush UK

For me, the best thing about Rush is that it has a battle beam – I just love them. However, when we visited not all of the park had been completed and it now also boasts walking sticks, wipe out and an adrenaline assault course. I can see this being something my eldest would really enjoy. There is also the added benefit that the coffee shop is on a raised level so you can look out over your jumpers if you wish.

battle beam

Slough: Jump In

We visited Jump In this weekend. The parking was fine once we got into the car park, but people parking on double yellow lines had made things difficult for everyone. What I liked most about this trampoline park was that there was a section of soft play and a few smaller trampolines separated off for the under 5’s. Let’s face it, age gaps can cause problems and I love that they have addressed this. Again they had a battle beam and also a swing into the foam pit. My boys loved the swing. I thought that I had pulled my arms out of their sockets! Another great thing about this park is that as long as you wear trampoline socks they don’t mind if they are not their own branded ones. I love this as paying £2 extra for socks does mean you tend to be faithful to one park if not.

jump in soft play section

So there is my low down of trampoline parks we have visited so far. My boys love them and I think they are a great way of getting the kids out and exercising if the weather is rubbish.

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