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This weekend saw us hosting a gaming party for middle man’s 8th Birthday. Whilst I would rather a climbing/Go ape/trampolining party, I wasn’t going to win on this one as big man had had a gaming party and middle man wanted the same. The company we used for the party is called Pop Up Arcade.

I have to admit when we first used them it was a bit of a risk. We had been let down my another company who were a complete shambles . Other gaming parties like Gamewagon were way above my budget. My friend suggested Pop Up Arcade as they had good reviews and visited our region. It was a gamble that paid off.

The idea is simple. They come to your house or other choice of venue and set up a gaming party for the children to enjoy. We went for their “in the living room package” at a cost of £179 for  children.

pop up arcade gaming party
The boys were checking the games out whilst the host was still setting up!

They bring a play station, x box, wii u and nintendo switch as well as a VR headset. Bigger packages include gaming chairs. I was initially worried as I had asked them to bring Just Dance as there were girls coming and on arrival we were told it wasn’t working. Luckily this wasn’t an issue at all and it turns out that girls like gaming as much as the boys! Nintendo switch was a particular hit and it was lovely to see the children setting up their own teams to play this. It changed my view on gaming parties. Computers aren’t as bad as many adults perceive as the children were all playing together and talking to each other. It certainly wasn’t quiet!

The VR headset was a big hit, and the closest that we will get middle man to riding a roller-coaster in a while!

Our game host was called Andre and kept the children entertained throughout the hour and a half. The only thing you need to be aware of is that you might not get the coloured bean bags that you see in the pictures on their website. Last time we had some grubby pillows, this time one long bean bag. The kids don’t really care about this though. It is purely an adult grumble.

Booking is simple and you are sent reminders a week before. On the day you even receive a message to let you know that your host is on the way. We have been really pleased with both parties and would not hesitate to recommend them. They are good value and well run and the kids absolutely love them.

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