5 Ideas To Keep The Kids Entertained This Christmas Holiday

Schools are soon to break up. Teachers up and down the country are breathing a huge sigh of relief that they have made it through the longest term and toasting the fact that they don’t need to watch any more Christmas movies. Parents on the other hand are worrying about how to keep the kids entertained when its freezing outside. I thought I would list some of the things that I am considering so that it may give you some inspiration. Luckily we are seeing lots of family and friends too which should keep the boys happy.

  1. Visit Santa. Christmas isn’t Christmas without seeing the main man himself is it? Well actually I wasn’t planning on taking the boys this year after we saw the real one last year in Lapland. Oh how we reminisce about how cold it was, and we were lucky as it was only -5C instead of -40C!¬† ¬†However, we have been invited to review their Magical Experience. It looks like good fun as well as good value so I will report back soon with what you can expect. Now the boys aren’t expecting it to be the real Santa I am happy to try some other places.
  2. Kids showings at the cinema. We have already seen Paddington 2 (and it is much better than the original) so I don’t think there is a blockbuster that the boys will want to see this Christmas. However, Vue and Odeon both show older films at a fraction of a cost in the mornings so I will keep an eye out to see if there is anything that we fancy.
  3. Watch some Christmas films at home. Snuggling up for a Christmas movie or two is always good. Firm favourites in this house are Arthur Christmas and The Muppets Christmas Carol. This year we have decided that the boys are at the right age to enjoy Home Alone so that is on our list too.
  4. Enjoy a Pantomime. It’s not Christmas without a man dressing as a woman making lots of innuendos is it? This year we are attending a local pantomine at South Hill Park. We went two years ago and loved it. Better and cheaper than the bigger ones with the stars that the children don’t know anyway. Lets hope this year is just as good.
  5. Baking. The boys love a bit of baking and some gingerbread snowflake decorations are on the list for next week.

gingerbread snowflakes

Obviously there are lots of other things we are planning too. Trips to the park followed by a warming hot chocolate is always good. I quite fancy the idea of ice skating but taking three kids and one husband that are wobbly is hard, so we may save that for another time. Oh and if we could have a white Christmas then the sledge I bought 4 years ago might finally get used properly. But probably not!

What have you got planned over the next few weeks?

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