Woodland Lodge, Center Parcs, Woburn: What To Take With You

Woodland lodge center parcs

It’s a well known fact that Center Parcs is pretty pricey in the school holidays, but when you are a family of five needing 2 hotel rooms wherever you go, most places are. The beauty of Center Parcs is that you can have a reasonably spacious apartment with 3 bedrooms and self catering facilities. This means that if you are prepared you can take food with you, so that you aren’t spending a fortune eating out for every meal.

On our recent stay at Woburn we chose the woodland lodge. I have to say that the cleanliness of the lodge was ok but it certainly wasn’t spotless. In fact I would say it was cleaner as we left as we removed a piece of chocolate biscuit in the top of the wardrobe and a raisin packet under the bed that had certainly not be left by us. Little things like a chipped knife and a cushion without a cover on it were a bit disappointing, but overall the lodge was of a good standard.

The beds were particularly comfy and there was marketing from Sealey incase you fancied going off and buying a similar mattress!

In the lounge there is a wood burner and smokeless logs can be purchased from the parc supermarket for just over a tenner.

toasting marshmallows center parcs

The kitchen had pretty much anything you needed – except sharp knives! My sister always complains that my knives at home aren’t sharp enough so I think the ones that Center Parcs provided may have bought her to tears!

Most importantly, I am pleased to say that they have a cafetière for your morning coffee.

kitchen woodland lodge

You are left with a kitchen package which has a small sachet of washing up liquid and 3 dishwasher tablets as well as some dish clothes and a tea towel. I was prepared and had packet some extra dishwasher tablets as well as some dettol wipes to clean down the surfaces.

Outside the lodge there are bike racks and a BBQ. Unfortunately it was far to cold for any of the later. When reading Trip Advisor beforehand there was some negativity towards bikes at Woburn. Some felt the parc was too small to need bikes. Some felt you would have your bike stolen. We decided to take ours and I am glad we did. Yes the parc is small but it is still handy getting around with them. There are also small bike rides you can take which are good for young children. If you are used to long bike rides then you probably will be disappointed, but for us with 2 children having only recently ditched their stabilisers then it was good.

There are many recycling points for you to put your rubbish in which I was pleased to see.

I thought it might be helpful to list a few things you might want to pack to take with you on a stay – other than food, just to make thins easier and less expensive.

Extra dishwasher tablets
A toilet roll (each bathroom comes with one)
Foil – to make cleaning the grill easier
Cling film for wrapping up any unused food.
Dettol wipes to clean the surfaces.
Bike locks and helmets
Swim towels – you have towels to use in your room but not for the swimming paradise.
DVDs. We hadn’t realised there was a DVD player you could use in the lodge.

Have you stayed in a woodland lodge? is there anything else you would add to the list?


What to take on a center Parcs holiday when staying in a woodland lodge



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