Preparing for Center Parcs Woburn: My top 5 Tips

woburn center parcs
If like me, you a bit of a Center Parcs virgin, then here are some hints and tips about preparing for your stay. When I say virgin, that’s not quite true. We did visit 8 years ago before little man was on the scene, but was a totally different type of break. This time we were visiting to celebrate my husbands impending 40th and the boys were beyond excited. Thanks to the TV ads and friends who had been they have high hopes for our weekend away. I picked my friends brain on what to do as quite frankly it’s a bit of a minefield if you haven’t been before.

Book early.

If you leave it, the price goes up. Which we found to our disappointment

Book up activities and restaurants.

Again we left it late on this one. You need to be booking the popular activities and eating times a good 6 weeks before if you are going at a peak time. We were unable to get a restaurant booking for the Saturday night at a time that suited us due to this. If there are any must do activities book these too

Plan what you will eat and take lots of snacks.

There is a supermarket on site, but things are cheaper if you take them with you. The advantage of a short drive to Center Parcs is that you can take food with you. Don’t forget some extra dishwasher tablets. You get a pack of 3 with your lodge, but you don’t want to spend loads of time washing up when you are on holiday.

Take your bikes if you have them.

Woburn is the smallest Center Parcs site but we were still pleased to have taken our bikes. You can hire them, but it is costly, so if you can take your own then do.

The Pancake House

If you want to eat at the pancake house on the last day then get there no later than 11.30. We arrived just before 12 and it was 1hr wait. Worth it for the smiles on the boys faces though!

pancake house
I will be posting about the activities we tried and the woodland lodge that we stayed in soon, so keep an eye out!

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