My Travel Wishlist: Bali, Indonesia

Visiting the Indonesian island of Bali has long been on my travel destinations wishlist. I first saw Bali on one of the Australian soaps when I was little and thought how beautiful it looked. Now I see pictures of Bali on my Facebook feed where families I know have traveled there with their children. With it’s forested volcanic mountains, temples and beautiful white sandy beaches, there is so much that the island has to offer.

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The Ayana Resort and Spa, Bali from traveloka looks an amazing place to stay in Bali whether you are a family or a couple. With an array of pools and amazing ocean views it looks like paradise. The rooms are spacious and there is a shuttle bus that takes you to the private beach. Staying at this luxury resort would just make your vacation to Bali even more special.

So what would I do on a vacation to Bali?

Private Tour Of Bali

I would start my Balinese adventure by booking a private tour of Bali. After our recent adventure to Costa Rica, we found that such tours are often more accommodating for a family. Allowing you to take things at your own pace and have rest breaks when needed. Taliored tours can cover sights as temples, rice terraces and The sacred monkey forest.


Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

With beautiful coral reefs, there are an array of companies offering scuba diving and snorkeling off the island. Snorkeling in particular is something I would love to do with my boys. Whilst they have snorkeled off the coast of Lanzarote, they have never been to a coral reef. I am sure they would be amazed by the variety of fish on a coral reef. I have no doubt that my husband would be keen to go diving again.

Bali Zoo: Night at the Zoo

I love the idea of the night at the zoo experience at Bali Zoo. The animals get more active as the sun goes down and it would be great for the boys to experience this. There is also an opportunity to hand feed the elephants which would be such an amazing experience. Having been to the night zoo when we visited Singapore on our honeymoon, I would make sure that we kept this treat for the end of the vacation. Jet lag can hit hard so it would be best to make sure our body clocks had properly adjusted so we fully appreciated this amazing experience.


Whilst nature and history are top of my list on a vacation, having a family means that other activities need to be considered. A day at Waterbom waterpark is sure to be top of my boys list of things to do. From the lazy river to the adrenaline pumping rides such as Double Twist and Fast”n” Fierce there really looks like there is something to please everyone in the family.

And Relax….

Last but not least I would want to relax. On the beach or by the hotel pool. Whilst there are so many things to pack into a vacation in Bali, I like to come back from a holiday refreshed.

Have you visited Bali? What would you recommend?




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2 Replies to “My Travel Wishlist: Bali, Indonesia”

  1. We’ve just come back from Bali. So much to do.
    This trip we enjoyed Waterbom, cycling along the Sanur beach front, hiring a car up to Ubud to see the artists, the Butterfly farm (just OK), the rice field terraces. But one place we have not visited and don’t want to is the Monkey Forest.
    The monkeys are little thieves and will take your phone, glasses, wallet and not return them. If they can’t get the item they want from you they bite – now you need a rabies shot.
    Apart from that all good.

    1. Oh those little monkeys! We went to Costa Rica this year and at Manuel Antonio they come and take things off you on the beach too!

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